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Guest Reviews for Singita Lebombo Lodge

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

The location is stunning, and the hotel's design was equally fantastic, but the staff really disappointed us.Once we arrived at the lodge we were greated by a lady from reception, who gave us our first taste of the hotel's staff. All of us thought of her as very cold (almost like a teacher), who took everything very seriously. I have to say attention to detail is definitely not a bad thing, but her attitude was not personal, and we did not feel open to ask her anything we wanted.In due course we were shown the room, which was beautiful, but not practical. There was no curtain for the extra bed and the mosquito nets had holes - that completely defeats the point! Also, the rails on the balcony were very dodgy and unstable, and considering we were so high up, this made us feel very unsafe. However the views were amazing, and it was beautifully furnished to match the wonderful safari-fit location.During our stay, we took part in some activities that were very fun for all of us and, of course, some game drives.The game drives were very nice, and we got close to some of the animals (though not as close as another lodge we had been at), but the ranger had an appauling attitude... At some points I started getting nervous being too close to some of the Big Five, and the ranger was annoyed, and didn't budge the jeep. In the other lodge we stayed at in the Kruger, the ranger there helpfully explained things and made sure you understood and felt comfortable, whereas this one in Singita was rushed and rude.In general, we saw many staff as the ones I described above, and we did not feel we were given everything the Kruger had to offer.


An absolutely amazing place with gorgeous views. Food and accommodation was 5 star all the way. The staff couldn't do enough to make your stay enjoyable and the Safari tour ranger and tracker go the extra mile to make it worth your time and money..... I would certainly recommend asking the front of house to setup the outside bed for a beautiful night under the stars.