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Kruger Park’s large central region spans nearly 30% of the reserve’s territory and supports a vast amount of game. Home to the ever-popular Satara, this area is made up of mostly grassy plains like zebra, wildebeest and antelope, which attract an array of predators. This map details the areas and routes surrounding Satara, Letaba, Olifants and Phalaborwa, indicating both main and secondary roads, as well as various points of interest.

Kruger Park - Central Section |

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Recommended Game Drive Routes - Central Section of the Kruger National Park

Drive 1
For a short drive, head from the Olifants camp, travelling on the H8, and take the first sand road (S93) right. Travel up to Von Wielligh’s Baobab, where the S44 branches off to the right and loops around to the Olifants lookout and along the Letaba River. where you will take a left back onto the S93 and head back toward the camp.

Drive 2
From Letaba Restcamp, travel north along the H1-6 past Das Neve’s Cross and take a right on the S62, which has several branches leading to smaller loops and lookout points, including the Matambeni Bird hide. The road leads all the way to the Longwe Lookout. The same route can be taken back to the H1-6.

Drive 3
The H9 from Phalaborwa passes the S51, which takes you to the Sabie Hide, overlooking the Sabie Dam. Continuing along the H9, you will pass the Masorini Archeological Site and a picnic spot. Take the second left onto the S96 to drive along the Shilawuri Loop which connects with the S131, onto which you turn right to reach the H9 to Letaba Restcamp.

Drive 4
The S40, which you can reach via the H7 from either Satara or Orpen gate, leads to the popular Timbavati area where there are picnic spots and get-out points for game viewing. Travelling on the S40 from the South, take the S39 (Timbavati Road), which runs alongside the Timbavati River, and returning to the H7 between Orpen and Satara.