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Guest Reviews for 7 Day Cape Town to Durban Rovos Rail Safari

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

Stopped for an hour while on Rovos Rail today and that was just enough. A quick walk through the town for a little nostalgia and a cup of coffee. Worth a stop but not certain it's worth a stay.


Service, comfort, food, entertainment, history, art & old world charm, with a dash of good old South African hospitality. I felt so proud to be South African after my Rovos experience, what a class act. I would highly recommend that any local or tourist enjoy touring our country in this type of style.


Great place to learn about diamonds, history and how fortunes are made or lost. we were part of the Rovos Rail tour and the guides were excellent. I really liked the old machinery, the nicely preserved old town around the mine and the counter levered bridge leading to the edge of the Big Hole.


We made a few hours stop with the Rovos Rail to explore this well maintained and charming little town that once served as an outpost for the British troops during the Boer war. it was a few nice coffee shops a hotel and a couple of museums. the museum under the train station worth a short visit (all free).