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Safari / Tour Packages - South Africa

With an abundance of natural, cultural and historical attractions, South Africa is often referred to as a 'world in one country'. A plethora of wildlife, fascinating museums, pristine beaches, magnificent mountains, picturesque vineyards, the symphonic flowers of Namaqualand, eight World Heritage Sites, barren desserts and vibrant cosmopolitan cities are just some of the multitude of South Africa’s attractions. Added to this is the colourful cultural diversity of the Rainbow Nation, evident in the food, architecture, art, music and dance of this upbeat, warm and welcoming nation. South Africa has it all. From the iconic Table Mountain and the majestic Karoo, to the jiving vibe of a Soweto shebeen and the unspoilt wilderness of the vast Kruger National Park, there is something to appeal to every visitor, and every budget. The tours on our site are but a few selected by our knowledgeable agents to showcase the potentials available for your african safari. Contact us to start planning the custom made dream vacation tailored just for you.