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Guest Reviews for Mata Mata Restcamp (border to Namibia closed)

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!


George Bell


WCJ Burger

This was an amazing trip with aw-inspiring memories an experiences!

Retha van Deventer

Very nice

Karen Micklethwaite

very good

gerrie gerber

Camp sites good. Chalets looked comfortable. Ablution good to fair.


Chalet was modern, comfortable, well equipped and had a magnificent view of the dry river bed.


Uitstekende verblyf en diens.

Louis van Zyl

We stayed for 2 nights in a family self-catering cottage. Kitchen was fully equipped. Linen clean, the place spotless. At night we enjoyed a 'braai' on the' stoep' . The camp was quiet with a filling station and convenient store nearby.

Lucille Groenewald

baie goed, skoon netjies. puik kampplek.

C J Venter

Always special at Mata Mata. Lovely accommodation and very friendly people.


We enjoyed the good feeling we got when we got to Mata Mata. The River front chalet was beautiful equiped, with a wonderful braai.


The new Riverfront Chalets are a great concept, with your private elevated stoep and braai area actually outside the fence! Waterhole is right in front of you, and we had unforgettable grandstand views of a pair of lions there.Other camp facilities are good, but if you're not camping, you must go for a river front chalet; they're the best SANP accommodation we've ever stayed in.


Chalet on river bed awesome

B Muller

Chalet on river bed awesome

B Muller

The camp was neat but the old ablution facilities need some cleaning. Although, they are building new ones.


Beautiful area and lots of top class game. Shop had only wet wood and no fire lighters for our entire stay. This was a disappointment, as we were unable to make a fire. The new ablution block being built at the moment is long overdue and will make this a wonderful camp. Beautiful big trees in the camp site and stunning scenery all the way to Mata Mata. Will definitely go again.

Amanda Ellis

As the park is very dry, we didn't see that many animals. No lions.The roads are in appalling conditions which made driving unpleasant

Helga kohler

We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the chalet and the way the park was run. It was very hot some of the nights and I suggest that there should be a type of emergency generator just for the fans in the rooms to also work during the nights on very hot days (the electricity is switched off at night.

Marietjie Stander

We really enjoyed this camp....saw loads of Predators and Raptors...just a pity re the road condition!The lack of electricity at night was uncomfortable!

Mrs Robins

Stunning campsite at Mata-Mata,especially the trees, and game viewing deck. No ATM there, and if Twee Rivieren ATM is out of order, you are in trouble for cash (it happened to us). Game viewing absolutely fantastic!

sonja hoile

Stunning campsite at Mata-Mata,especially the trees, and game viewing deck. No ATM there, and if Twee Rivieren ATM is out of order, you are in trouble for cash (it happened to us). Game viewing absolutely fantastic!

sonja hoile

Dear Sir / Ma'am,This visit was our second to Kgalagadi. We were fortunate to stay in one of the new riverfront chalets at Mata Mata, and this was a fantastic experience and we have decided on our next trip to try and book one of these for a longer stay. They are very well designed, very tastefully decorated and was truly a fantastic experience.Unfortunately, our drive from Mata Mata to Twee Rivieren was on the other side of the enjoyment scale. The road is in a very bad condition with corrugations bad enough to rattle one's false teeth and destroy our well made 4x4 vehicle. Unfortunately I have to admit to traveling at the limit of 50kms per hour for most of the journey to at least smooth out the road and of course at that speed one misses out on a lot and it makes breaking to a halt, a bone rattling nightmare. I also admit that I kept the left wheels on the hump of sand on the left hand side of the road which is against the rules but at least made the ride slightly more bearable. I hope to hear from Sanparks that you have an action plan in mind to fix this problem as it completely destroyed our enjoyment of the park, and frankly would prohibit me from rushing back with our friends until this has been resolved.Thanks for your good work and support for maintaining our wildlife sanctuaries.Best regards and good luck for 2013!

Dave Duley

We had a great holiday thanks, will come again. Camp great thank you.

Kobus Vermaak

The Mata Mata camp was excellent in all aspects the campsites been serviced to high standard.since we been there 2 years ago the camp definitely been upgraded to a high standard. Congratulations!However there are a few things that concerns me.

PWS vd Walt

With due respect I cannot see why do we have to be overcharged, what happened to the consumer act? Or are the national parks excluded in this act? One thing that will be a major influence in visiting again is the diesel prices.I believe that this is where you really killing the South African tourists. This is actually bad. The camping rates is excellent but only a little South Africans can really afford the diesel rates as the vast area which have to be traveled really put tremendous pressure on your finances.I don't know if the shopping facilities is privatised but that is really "boere verneukery" comparing a 2litre coke paid for 25 rand in the park and R14 at home.The parks are supposed to be accessible for locals how will the poor people ever afford it?We observed major neglect on the solar systems at the water holes, i can understand that it was donated but surely somebody needs to maintain it, it will not last for ever.One of these days there wont be any trees left with this bright idea not to remove the dead branches from the trees.In the first place not removing the dead branches from the trees leave the animals with very little shade.In the second place the virus from the dead branches affecting the whole tree. I was told that it is a tree rat which is destroying the trees like that. If it is true why cant action be taken against the culprit? A true is very valuable in the Kalahari setup and I believe there is no money that will replace it.I am sure that something can be done as i observed a major backward trend in the park since 2010.I don't even want to mention the amount of carcasses that are lying close to the waterholes in my humble opinion this is an ideal transportation for pests.I hope you do not find this comment to critical as I am a very concerned nature lover and would like to leave some for our descendants as well.RegardsPiet

PWS vd Walt

We had a great time at Mata Mata, will return for sure. Bathrooms were a bit untidy.

Herman Du Plessis

Ablutions require refurbishment. Lack of diesel 50 fuel. Camping area was overcrowded. However, I enjoyed the camping.

Warren Hill

1. The ablution facilities need some upgrading, especially the showers.2. The roads are terrible!

Thilda Kotze

The camping sites should have more electrical points. Info on "blue plugs" should go with booking.Ablution facilities should be upgraded - not to international standard. Us South Africans should not be ashamed of our facilities.

Peter Mangiagalli

Great. will be back next year


Great. will be back next year


Only concern was that the toilet in oiur chalet was constantly leaking water from the cistern into the bowl, wasting a lot of water.

Prof B Kuschke

Dit was my 1ste besoek aan die Park en ek sal weer gaan besoek afl

N J Oosthuizen

Mata Mata - I booked 4 x camping sites with electricity - on arrival there were only one site with power avaiable - there are no control over where and how visitors setup their camp - i suggest specific number be allocated before the time - bathrooms were very smelly (we camped at 16 - 19) - we had to move our site to camp togeter the next morning - the camp manager were very helpfull in arranging for medicine for one of our guests to be delivered in the park - thanks - the roads were in a better condition than expected but the lack of options oif roads to travel is an irretation and very limiting to our experience - why can not more roads (maybe only for high raised cars) be consided - more loops (tweespoor paadjies) ---- at Nossob the mens toilets were even worse - blocked for more that two of our 4 day stay - we left earlier due to this and no warm water at mens toilets after 15:00 - we adressed this with camp manager but he was not able to facilitate this - i phoned the parkmanager the saturday but nobody picked up their phones or returned my call - there is no control over Botswana guests misusing the batroom, toilet and washing facilitiets - maybe that the reason for cold water every day and drains blockked so frequently - we enjoyed the environment but the general service by staff is not up to standard if compared to Kruger

Johan Nortje

Mata Mata camp is great, everything works! facilities were clean. well done!roads were in good condition. Kgalagadi still my no:1 in SA. UNTIL NEXT YEAR....

Douglas Greig

Wonderful stay. The River Front Chalet was great.

Bernie Burger

The stay was really excellent, thanks!

Abram Knoetze

The stay was really excellent, thanks!

Abram Knoetze

Had a lovely stay, it might be an idea to close some of the holes of the ground-squirals....these holes are posing a significant risk to both pedestrians and vehicles in the campsite.RegardsNico.


Ons kon nie betyds by die grens wees nie en het ons verblyf hier verbeur

Louwtjie Naude

Roads are bad. With little effort the campsite can be cleaned of weeds, mainly at the swimming pool.

Japie Jamneck

We had a pleasant stay at Mata Mata. Staff was friendly and helpful, facilities in order. Shop not well stocked at times, roads are being attended to and are in fair condition. Would be nice if there were circular roads for day trips.Visitors driving two wheel, too fast and with too high tire pressure cause a lot of road corrugation.


The Mata Mata "chalets" were shocking,apart from fridge and bathroom doors that didn't close(ch3)and a rather dangerous gas connection in the bathroom, the chalets are so close to neighbours that when they light up a smoke it wafts straight in the front door. Braaiing is a nightmare as you are cheek by jowl with your neighbour. Staff at the office were indifferent and unfriendly. We left after 3 days having booked and paid for 4 days and went on to Augrabies where we had a great all round experience. Bomb those awful 2 person chalets. They are a disgrace!!!

N McNaught

Lovely camp site Clean bathrooms


The campsite was lovely but the ablution facilities were dismal - could definitley do with some ugrading and improvements.Our night drive was disappointimg as the guide was supposed to be very knowledgeable and help us find game. However he didn't volunteer any infomration and only stopped to talk about a few animals that we spotted with the night light. He should have taken us to areas where he know or thought there might be animals and could have given us a lot more interesting info.The game viewing duritng the day was lovely. It would have been good to have the gate opening time half an hour earlier (6.30 instead of 7) and close half an hour later in the evenings (7 instead of 6.30) as good game viewing times were limited as a result.

Bridget Turner

Very enjoyable stay

Luc Wouters

Very enjoyable stay

Luc Wouters

Chalets facing river are wonderful, clean spacious. reception a bit disappointing. really nice place.

jillian howitz