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Broaden your wildlife knowledge and add to your bush bookshelf collection with the latest conservation and travel books to read.

Sky Guide South Africa 2020 Astronomical Handbook for Southern Africa (Struik Nature)

Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

Attracted to the night sky? If you are curious about the constellations and planets, but just don’t know where to start, this book is ideal. It is a great tool for the novice, the amateur and the professional astronomer. It covers the year’s planetary movements, predicted eclipses, meteor showers and more.
Collect these publications annually, an outstanding guide that will help you to understand our night skies with ease.

Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of Southern Africa (Briza Publishing)

Alma Möller and Rolf Becker

Even if you know nothing about euphorbias, this beautifully illustrated guide makes it easy to identify any particular species. Similar-looking species are grouped together in 18 species groups, based on easily recognisable morphological characters. The book provides detailed descriptions of 224 different species and also includes information on cultivation and medicinal uses. A great addition to your collection as a budding botanist or gardening enthusiast.

Photo Tales: Wildlife Photo Stories from Africa (HPH Publishing)

Van den Berg

This incredible book is the ideal gift for nature lovers. It is filled with the most interesting and amusing photo tales, the stories behind the images. It features 71 once-in-a-lifetime sightings captured by the best photographers. Each photographer has a captivating story to tell, and the photos to prove these stories. From a hippo with an antelope in its jaws to a lioness captured with a stolen camera in her mouth, you will be amazed by the sightings photographers have come across. This book will make the perfect gift.

Cradle of Life: The Story of the Magaliesberg and the Cradle of Humankind (Struik Nature)

Vincent Carruthers

The greater Magaliesberg is peppered with some 200 caves and has a unique geology, history and biodiversity. In this book, Carruthers guides readers through the birth of our planet to developments of the 21st century. He documents the formation of our landscapes and the emergence of life, the rise of hominins, the Stone and Iron ages, early settlement, migrations, wars and modern developments in the Magaliesberg along the way. Enjoy a magical journey of discovery inside the cover of this book.

Zambezi Valley: The Lost Stronghold (Self published)

Silvana Olivo

In the 1980s Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley was considered the last stronghold for the greatest concentration of wild black rhino in Africa. When Zimbabwe became a dictatorship and the economy imploded, politics infiltrated national parks, and rhino conservation was only possible in vast, private conservancies and smaller, heavily guarded state parks. Game scouts and rangers joined the initiator of Operation Stronghold, Glenn Tatham in the war against poachers, risking their lives in the process.

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