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Safari News has joined forces with the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA), a non-profit company founded in 2018. CCFA is a fundraising and grant-giving organisation that is active in educating and empowering local communities to implement sustainable wildlife systems on the ground.

CCFA has uniquely brought together three internationally admired wildlife conservation organisations as its partners, namely African Parks, Tusk Trust and Wilderness Foundation Africa.

With ACCOR/Mantis as founding sponsors, CCFA recognises the urgent need for the tourism industry to play a greater role in conservation and community upliftment, which will benefit Africa’s wild animals and wilderness at a time when both are under threat. They focus on all species, from the large mammals to the small insects, and the expansion of habitats is vital to reach these conservation goals.

CCFA executive Di Luden says CCFA is proud to partner with Safari News. “Together we can raise significant funding to support entire communities through environmental and economic educational programmes, which in turn will cultivate community leaders who feel empowered and inspired to change the fate of the planet from one that is driven by greed and a scarcity mindset, to one guided by a unified awareness towards abundance, through sustainability.”

CCFA is passionate about Africa and its wildlife, and has a number of objectives. One is to raise funds to educate, uplift and empower local communities in order to take ownership of the wildlife and wilderness areas in which they live. In addition, CCFA has identified that the role these communities play in maintaining ecosystems is to support both local communities and conservation projects that encourage sustainable living solutions for people and wildlife.

“We have developed wildlife management programmes that can be adopted by rural communities to empower people as individuals and to preserve both the wildlife and the viability of tourism in Africa,” Luden says.

Added to this is ensuring all money raised goes directly to the required source, and not towards admin.
CCFA’s mascot reiterates their commitment to conservation. The company has commissioned the residents of the local missionary village of Kylemore just outside Stellenbosch to produce a rhino toy. The mascot is handmade and each plush toy represents a rhino that has fallen in the attack against this magnificent species. The toys are sold at all Mantis properties.

Several special rhino with heart-wrenching stories were selected to represent the plush toys: Bella, Impi, Gugu, Themba, Chippy, Geza and Isipho represent the plight of the species. Chippy, Geza and Isipho were killed as adults, and Bella was still a calf, dehorned for her own safety, when poachers mutilated her to get to the stump of her horn. Both Impi and Gugu died as 18-month-old calves while at a rhino orphanage after poachers attacked them for their horns, proving that no rhinos are really safe from poaching.

The new partnership between Safari News and CCFA is a partnership with conservation. All funds raised through the Safari News Adoptions Programme will be managed by CCFA.

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