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Travelling with a purpose can do so much more than just broaden your experiences, it can liberate your understanding of the world. We live in a time when the freedom for women to travel solo is compromised by a lack of safety. It is daunting enough to consider travelling in a foreign country where English might not be spoken and cultures are vastly different, and concern about safety should not have to be added to the list of considerations. But as a female solo traveller, or the parents of one, you want peace of mind that you, or your loved one, will be safe.

Solo female. Photo: Sam Davies

About the female solo traveller

Contrary to stereotypes of solo female travellers, women who like travelling solo are not lonely, nor are they necessarily trying to ‘find themselves’ or seek romance. Many women travel solo because they want adventure, experience and because they can do it. They are generally wise, independent, brave and resilient.

Travel with a purpose

It can be liberating to exchange your typical holiday with a travel opportunity that truly adds value to your life, and allows you to be environmentally aware.

Always opt for tours that promote responsible tourism practices, such as seeing animals in their natural environment, rather than petting animals in confined and unnatural settings. Choose holidays that will leave a long-lasting impression, rather than remain just a
fleeting memory.

Solo travel ideas

EcoTraining was included in a list of ‘20 of the best group trips for solo travellers’ in 2018 by The Guardian in the UK.

EcoTraining offers a variety of nature programmes over five, seven or 14 days, all suitable and safe for solo travellers, and all taking the experience of a purposeful nature holiday to the next level.

Travelling alone. Photo: Sam Davies

Participants live immersed in nature in unfenced wilderness camps and spend their days learning about their surroundings, and enjoying game drives, nature walks and wildlife encounters. Each group on these nature programmes takes up to 20 participants, which also means it’s easier to get to know other nature lovers.

The programme is offered to men and women but accommodation is for two of the same gender per
tent unless booked as a couple beforehand.

Your top five EcoTraining courses

• Professional Field Guide
Live and learn at four different wilderness camps, supported by qualified and experienced instructors. No other courses offer this much knowledge.

• Field Guide
This entry-level qualification encompasses vehicle-based guiding in a 4×4 vehicle.

• Wilderness Photography
Become a versatile wilderness photographer. Join this course to put what you have learnt into action in the field.

• Birding in the Bush
Identify a variety of bird species by sight and sound, and learn about their biology and ecology.

• EcoQuest
Learn about the living organisms in nature and the elements that support them. This course offers an immersive nature learning experience.

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Written by Natashia da Silva, EcoTraining
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