Slow down to the rhythm of Anysberg Nature Reserve


Earlier this year, I discovered what it really takes to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. There is no reason to spend large amounts of money when it comes to finding tranquillity. All you have to do is head for the Karoo.

At almost 80 000 hectares. the Anysberg Nature Reserve offers a sense of isolation no matter where you are. In these vast expanses people are rare and beautiful scenes are abundant. The reserve offers camping spots. five basic cottages and four wooden houses. with the magnificent Cape Fold Mountains offering the perfect backdrop. And with little cellphone reception. it is easy to switch off completely.

rock art anysberg

In Anysberg everything happens according to nature’s rhythm. On my arrival. a large herd of springbok scattered, but quickly stopped when realising I posed no threat. Later, I passed a gemsbok lazily grazing in the Karoo vegetation. Although I could not find them, the reserve offers a safe haven for Cape mountain zebra, and riverine rabbits have been spotted within the reserve borders in the past.

The reserve is ideal for families. Children can run around to their heart’s content as there are no large predators. Apart from a hiking trail at Land se Kloof, there are no formal trails and walking is allowed anywhere. There is easily accessible rock art near Tapfontein. which I visited with the reserve·s conservation manager, Marius Brand. The overnight horse trail. which stops over at Tapfontein, passes the site, but visitors are welcome to look for the rock paintings too.


Agama Cottage, where I spent two nights. is separated from the other cottages. which is great for even more isolation. Don’t expect luxury. Although rustic, the cottages offer everything you need for a comfortable stay – beds, hot water to wash the Karoo dust from your skin. gas for cooking, a fridge, cutlery, and comfortable living room with fireplace. The outside braai is the ideal spot to end the day while pastel shades paint the sky.

If you are ready to adapt to the slow motion of nature, pack a few good books. forget about the outside world and lose yourself in Anysberg.

Things to do in Anysberg Nature Reserve

  • Rock art paintings created by the San.
  •  Walking, running and cycling everywhere as there is no big game.
  •  Horse riding – one of the activities on offer in the reserve.
  • Star gazing on clear nights.

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