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Editor’s pick: Safe drinking water, no added chemicals

KURO-Bō is a scientifically-proven, plastic-free water filter that uses activated charcoal to filter ordinary tap water by removing the toxins and make your water taste better.  Activated charcoal is known to remove lead, aluminium, copper, iron, chlorine, mercury and manganese, as well as E.coli. Research suggests that it also removes other impurities such as viruses, bacteria, pesticides, antibiotics and more. KURO-Bō Sticks and Kōins are ideal for use at home or on the go, so you never have to worry about unsafe tap water again, or polluting the planet with single-use plastic bottles. Simply add the Sticks and Kōins to your water coolers or reusable water bottle.  KURO-Bō Kōins are ideal for use on the go. A box of Kōins will last for three months and costs R165. Sticks are R195. Available from www.kuro-bo.com.


Fresh flavours in the kitchen

Herbs are rewarding and versatile plants that are easy to grow and add colour, texture and fragrance to gardens and food. Whether you are looking for growing information or inspiration to zhoosh up your culinary treats, Jane’s Delicious A-Z of Herbs by Jane Griffiths is a welcome addition to the kitchen. The book covers planting and growing herbs, their medicinal and culinary uses and gives information about their healing properties.

Get your copy for only R285 from all leading bookstores.


Wine on the go

Tired of struggling to put the cork back in the wine bottle for that leftover wine at the end of the evening? Vinette Wine in a Can is a new, convenient way to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine without waste or the temptation to finish a bottle. These 250ml cans are lightweight, affordable, trendy, easy to transport and easily recyclable. Take one with you on your next hike, or to a picnic or a braai. Available in Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé. Available from Checkers at R99 for a pack of four. Visit www.vinettewine.co for more details.


Something sweet on the braai

While we all love falling back on marshmallows over the coals as the dessert of choice after a braai, there are other easy options which are just as delicious. We made baked banana with dark chocolate. The banana becomes sweeter as it cooks and the dark chocolate adds balance. Simply make slits in your banana skin and stuff dark chocolate blocks inside. Place on the grid above the coals while enjoying your main meal and, by the time you are done, your dessert should be ready.



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