The only game reserve spanning both the renowned Kruger National Park and prestigious Sabi Sands,
offering unparalleled access to diverse wildlife and landscapes.

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Lion Sands Lodges

Exclusive Offers 2024

1 Oct 2024 to 30 Apr 2025 and 1 Oct 2025 to 30 April 2026
Stay 3, Pay 2

Enjoy a complimentary night when you book a 3-night stay at any of the four luxurious Lion Sands lodges – stay 3 nights, pay for only 2.

Why Lion Sands Game Reserve

Unparalleled Location and Access
Lion Sands Game Reserve uniquely spans both Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands, offering guests unrivaled access to diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. This prime location ensures varied and rich safari experiences with opportunities to witness the Big Five and explore both vast savannas and intimate settings.

Exclusive Safari Experiences
Lion Sands offers personalized and exclusive safaris led by expert guides and trackers. Enjoy intimate game drives, walking safaris, and unique activities like stargazing from a luxury treehouse, riverside picnics, and sunset cruises, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

Luxurious Accommodations
Lion Sands is renowned for elegant lodges with spacious suites, private decks, plunge pools, and breathtaking views. The reserve's treehouses provide a romantic and adventurous night under the African sky, blending comfort and luxury with nature.

Commitment to Conservation and Community
Lion Sands is committed to conservation and community development, participating in initiatives to preserve the ecosystem and protect endangered species. The reserve also invests in local communities through education and healthcare programs, making your stay impactful and meaningful.

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