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Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

Stayed at singita boulders lodge in jan. The food, the staff, the room and the experience of the safari is out of the world. Managed to squeeze in a massage which was divine. Singita is now my number 1 destination. It is really an experience to a different level. The attention to details is spectacular. Each lodge comes with a river view where u can see elephants roaming around and many other games. Been to artic circle, Alaska, n Maldives but this is really out of the world.

Ray Mondtan

My first game lodge on my trip to Africa, and also my favorite. The view out the front terrace was remarkable. The food was great, and I enjoyed both a BOMA (barbecue) and restaurant experience for dinner, as well as there being very nice breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea options throughout the day. The rooms were modern and offered many helpful items, like bug spray and animal guides. The beds were very comfortable, equipped with mosquito nets and electric blankets. The hotel felt very safe and although the occasional monkey would jump down and try to steal some food, most quietly observed from the roof. The safaris were great, not only because of the animals(which were great and plentiful, my group saw the BIg 5 in a grand total of 2 days on safari) but also because of the wonderful guides. Unlike other safari camps I visited in Botswana which required a guide to provide information, track animals, and drive all by him/herself, Singita allowed both a guide and a tracker on the vehicle. Our guide, Joh Martin, was fantastic and deserves a special shout-out. And our tracker, Peter, was remarkable and could identify an animal track when all I saw a clump of dirt. We also took a walking tour with our guide, which was great and we learned a lot. Overall, a fantastic safari experience.

Tommy B

Yes! This place is as amazing as the other reviewers have described. I just have a couple additional notes that were specific to our visit: 1. I do not eat red meat, which sometimes makes menus tough for me. They knew my food preferences before my arrival, and had planned out daily menus each day just for me. They even put my name on my personal menu! This is a huge treat for a picky eater to have so many options just for me! 2. On the last night of our honeymoon, they whisked us off to the airstrip for a private dinner, just me, my hubby, and the chef. Amazing! 3. If you ask the sommelier for a private tasting, she will let you pretty much taste anything in the cellar and the make sure you get your favorite at dinner that night.

Heidi Louise