6-Day South Luangwa Fly-in Safari Adventure

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For a complete South Luangwa National Park experience, indulge in a 5-night stay that combines the luxurious Kafunta River Lodge with either the secluded Three Rivers Camp or the remote Island Bush Camp. Kafunta River Lodge offers an authentic Zambian safari experience, perched above the Luangwa floodplains where an abundance of wildlife congregates, ensuring outstanding game viewing opportunities. Three River Camp is a secluded camp hidden under ancient sausage trees located at the junction of Luangwa, Kapamba and Lusangazi rivers. With the white sandy beaches on one side and game-rich plain on the other, the location is superb with no tourist or vehicle in sight. Island Bush Camp provides a true wilderness experience, set beneath the shade of majestic mahogany trees along the banks of the Luangwa River. This camp offers a perfect retreat to disconnect from everyday stress and immerse yourself in nature.

Day 1:  Arrival and First Safari at Kafunta River Lodge

Your adventure begins with a scenic 70-minute flight from Lusaka to Mfuwe, offering breathtaking views of the Zambian landscape below. Upon landing at the airport, a friendly driver will greet you and escort you to Kafunta River Lodge, a tranquil oasis nestled along the banks of the Luangwa River. En route to the lodge, you will pass by the local villages, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and bustling activity of Zambia. If time permits upon arrival at Kafunta River Lodge, you might have the opportunity to embark on your first afternoon safari, venturing into the untamed wilderness of South Luangwa National Park. This exhilarating safari experience promises encounters with an array of wildlife against the backdrop of the African sunset.

As the day draws to a close, the safari culminates in a picturesque sundowner stop, where you can unwind and marvel at the beauty of the African bush, before embarking on an exciting spotlit night drive, where the nocturnal wonders of the wilderness come to life under the guidance of expert trackers.

Accommodation: Kafunta River Lodge

Day 2: Sunrise Safari and Relaxation

Begin your day before the sun has risen with a delightful continental breakfast served on the lodge’s main deck, where the morning light casts a golden glow over the surrounding wilderness. At 06h30, embark on an exhilarating morning game drive, in search of the region's iconic wildlife awakening with the dawn. Return in time for a buffet-style lunch.

Spend your afternoon indulging in the luxuries of Kafunta River Lodge, whether it be basking in the sun by the sparkling pool, rejuvenating your senses with a blissful spa treatment, or simply surrendering to the serenity of an afternoon siesta, lulled by the gentle whispers of the river. Gather for afternoon tea before embarking on another thrilling game drive, as the African savannah transforms under the soft hues of twilight. Led by the fading light, your journey through the wilderness is illuminated by the anticipation of nocturnal encounters.

As darkness envelops the land, return to the lodge to end your day with a 4-course candle-lit dinner, under the star-studded sky.

Accommodation: Kafunta River Lodge

Day 3: Embark on the Next Safari Chapter to Three Rivers Camp or Island Bush Camp

Following an exhilarating morning game drive and a delectable brunch, embark on the next leg of your journey to either Three Rivers Camp or Island Bush Camp, nestled in the heart of the wilderness, offering a sanctuary of serenity amidst the untamed beauty of South Luangwa National Park. As you arrive at your chosen camp, you are greeted by the warm smiles and genuine hospitality of the camp staff.

After settling into your accommodation, you may either immerse yourself in the thrill of an afternoon game drive or retreat to the privacy of your own haven, where a private viewing deck awaits, perfect for unwinding with a refreshing sundowner.

An al fresco dining experience is presented under a canopy of stars.

Accommodation: Three Rivers Camp/ Island Bush Camp

Day 4: Discover the Wilderness at Dawn

An early morning continental breakfast is served by the inviting warmth of the camp fireplace at Three Rivers Camp or on the tranquil riverside at Island Bush Camp, setting the stage for a day filled with adventure and discovery.

After the hearty breakfast, prepare to embark on a morning game activity that promises to immerse you in the wonders of the wilderness. Choose to participate in a walking safari, a time-honored tradition that invites you to connect with nature on a deeper level as you traverse the bush on foot, guided by expert trackers who unveil the intricate secrets of the landscape. Moving at a leisurely pace, you'll have the opportunity to explore the nuances of the bush and its inhabitants, from the smallest insect to the mightiest of beasts.

As the morning sun ascends, return to camp with a newfound sense of wonder for the natural world, ready to share tales of your morning's adventure over a leisurely brunch, where the flavors of Zambia's culinary delights are savored amidst the company of fellow explorers.

Accommodation: Three Rivers Camp/ Island Bush Camp

Day 5: Return to Kafunta River Lodge

Following your invigorating walking safari or game drive, return to the comfort of Kafunta River Lodge, where the tranquility of the Luangwa River. With the afternoon stretching before you, indulge in some leisure time, whether it's lounging by the pool or simply relishing the serenity of your surroundings from the privacy of your own veranda.

As the day turns to dusk, prepare for one final exhilarating game drive, venturing once more into the vast wilderness of South Luangwa National Park. Soak in the sights and sounds of the African bush under the soft glow of spotlights, an experience that promises to ignite the senses and leave you with lasting memories of your time in this untamed paradise.

Return to Kafunta River Lodge for your final night, where a sumptuous dinner awaits, served with the same warmth and hospitality that has defined your stay.

Accommodation: Kafunta River Lodge

Day 6: Bid Farewell to Kafunta

On your final morning at Kafunta River Lodge, savor every moment as you embark on your last safari adventure, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the African bush one last time. After your morning safari, depending on your departure time, take a moment to bid farewell to the wilderness that has captured your heart before a driver escorts you for your return flight back to Lusaka.

As you journey homeward, reflect on the memories made and the beauty witnessed during your time at the Kafunta Camps, knowing that the spirit of adventure and exploration will forever linger. Bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes and warm hospitality of Zambia, a land where every sunrise brings the promise of new adventures and every sunset whispers tales of unforgettable moments.

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$ 740 USD
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3 nights at Kafunta River Lodge
2 nights at Island Bush Camp OR 2 nights at Three Rivers Camp
Return Proflight from/to Lusaka to/from Mfuwe
All road transfers between the airport and lodges/camps
Two game viewing activities per day in South Luangwa
All meals and snacks
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Complimentary laundry

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