Five of Our Best Namibian Safari Packages

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We invite you to explore Namibia, a land of breathtaking contrasts and unparalleled beauty. From the crimson shifting sand dunes of the Namib Desert to the raw splendour of the Etosha National Park and the deep winding chasms of the Fish River Canyon, this is Africa’s best kept secret.

With such a vast choice of destinations, it can be overwhelming to plan a Namibian Safari without inside knowledge of the land, its people and its culture.

We specialise in African Safaris and have put together a comprehensive choice of Namibian Safari Tours to inspire every intrepid traveller. Our packages are carefully curated to include the most luxurious accommodation, tempting traditional cuisine, guided tours, and ample time to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty and welcoming spirit of this extraordinary land.

Whether you are returning for another unique adventure in the untamed wilderness or are planning a first-time trip to explore the iconic landmarks, here are our 5 Best Namibian Safari Packages.

10 Day Namibia Must-See

Desert-adapted Elephant in Damaraland

Experience Namibia on your terms with our exciting Must-See Tour, offering the perfect blend of self-driving freedom and carefully planned destinations. This is the ultimate adventure that combines the best of both worlds! 

After arriving at Windhoek Airport, you will collect your vehicle and set off to Habitas Namibia, a luxurious lodge set in a 51,000-hectare nature reserve, where rare and majestic wildlife roam free. After a hearty breakfast, you will travel to the magnificent Erindi Private Game Reserve and be accommodated for two nights at the Old Traders Lodge in luxurious safari suites. Meals are served on the viewing deck of the austere colonial-style restaurant, overlooking a waterhole that attracts untamed big wildlife from giraffes to lions and elephants. To get closer to these majestic creatures, you will be treated to morning and afternoon game drives.

Your next stop is Damaraland, characterised by a fascinating rocky and rugged landscape. Explore the ancient rock art and bask in the heat of the Namib desert while sipping a cooling, refreshing drink.

Swakopmund beckons with its striking contrast of sea and sand. Visit the famous lighthouse, the old sea wall and the Museum to learn about Namibian history. Art lovers will appreciate the German architecture in the city and extreme sport lovers can enjoy an Eco Gliding Tour (at an additional cost) that offers breathtaking views of the coastline.

Your last stop is the spectacular Sossusvlei where you can explore the massive red sand dunes that cast a spell on every visitor and be awed by Deadvlei, a white clay pan, home to eerie, dead camel thorn trees. 

This is the ultimate Namibian Safari for those who want their freedom but also need guidance to ensure that they do not miss out on the most popular destinations

10 Day Namibia South (Desert, Canyon and Ocean)

Fish River Canyon

Explore the southern region of Namibia on a self-drive 10 day tour, where your soul will be stirred by the contrast of scorching deserts, dramatic canyons and raging oceans.

After stepping off the plane at Windhoek Airport, your African adventure starts with a scenic drive to the stunning Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch where you will discover nature at its most beautiful, unchanged for millions of years.

The next day takes you to the astounding Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. Hike along the rim and take in the breathtaking views of the immense chasm, the intricate ancient rock formations and the river far below, sparkling in the sun. 

The tour moves onto Aus, a small railway settlement originally inhabited by nomadic hunter-gatherers. Horse lovers will be thrilled to see the famous, rare Namib feral desert horses and learn how these hardy creatures survive the extreme conditions of the wild Garub Plains. Enjoy a unique experience at Wolwedans Dune Camp perched on the edge of a 250m high dune, offering exceptional views. Explore the NamibRand Nature Reserve, join a sunrise game drive, a Naked Eye Star Safari and relax with an exotic sundowner as the sun sets.

After the desert heat, the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Walvis Bay offer a stunning contrast. Stroll around the bustling harbour filled with ships and local fishing boats. Visit Pelican Point lighthouse, a guiding light for seafarers. Dolphins, whales and Cape fur seals add the perfect touch of enchantment to your journey.

Our 10 day Namibia South tour will leave you with a profound and lasting connection to these unspoiled landscapes of Africa.

9 Day Ultra-Lux Fly-in Namibia

Sussusvlei Desert Lodge

African star gazing, sundowners and luxury await on our unique 9 Day Ultra-Lux Fly-in Namibia, the perfect tour for those who prefer flying to driving.

Hop off your jet at Windhoek Airport and onto a safari flight to experience a birds-eye view of the majestic Fish River Canyon, carved out by millions of years of erosion and harsh weather. After checking into the luxurious Fish River Lodge, you can spend the next two days at your leisure walking along the rim of the canyon and taking in the panoramic views.

Back in the air! A charter plane flies you to the Sossusvlei, an ethereal wonderland showcasing the world’s tallest shifting sand dunes. Be awed by the unforgettable white clay pan, Deadvlei with its strikingly eerie bare camel thorn trees. We have a choice of fascinating drives to immerse you in the wonder of this region. Enjoy a Desert Drive and take part in the Living Dunes, Desert People and Desert Rock excursions.

Namibia enchants travellers with its hauntingly beautiful landscapes. Your next stop is the exclusive Shipwreck Lodge on the awe-inspiring Skeleton Coast, where the endless ocean meets the desolate desert. This region is known for its ghostly vistas and ancient shipwrecks along its shores. Relax in style, sip sundowners on the deck at Möwe Bay and enjoy a 4x4 game drive along the rugged coastline.

Your final two days are spent in the luxury safari chalets of Ongava Lodge, an elevated retreat set in the Dolomite hills of the Etosha region. In this haven, you will enjoy meals on an elevated deck overlooking a waterhole frequented by rhinos and other large game.

Your final transfer is back to Windhoek, where you board your flight home, with a newfound appreciation of luxury in the vast wild spaces of Africa.

9 Day Diverse Namibia

Swakopmund Strand Hotel

Embrace the diversity of Namibia on our exclusive 9 day tour, aptly named Diverse Namibia. From the scorching heat of the desolate desert to the icy waters of the Atlantic, the towering sand dunes and scenic wildlife drives, this adventure offers it all and more! 

After arriving at Windhoek Airport, you will set off to the Kulala Wilderness Reserve in Sossusvlei, known for its shifting red sand dunes that create mesmerising ever-changing landscapes. Enjoy a scenic drive to learn about the unique wildlife that live in the extreme conditions of the Namib desert. If you have a head for heights, take a hot air balloon ride for a birds-eye view (at an additional cost). 

Swakopmund thrills with its German architecture, iconic lighthouse and fascinating museum that will intrigue history fans. Walk along the old sea wall and be awed by the striking contrast of the waves crashing on the desert sand. For the ultimate connect-with-the-sea experience, we offer a ‘Dolphin and Seal’ catamaran cruise. 

Your next adventure takes you to Damaraland. On the drive, you pass Brandberg Mountain, the second-largest monolith on earth, created over 120 million years ago. Damaraland is a nature lover’s dream and this is your opportunity to explore the untouched beauty of the land on game drives and nature walks.

The last stop is two days in an exclusive camp in the private Ongava Game Reserve just south of Etosha National Park. Spend your time enjoying game drives into the Park and walks on the Reserve. When evening comes, relax with a sundowner and watch the amazing sight of wildlife gathering at the waterhole to drink.

This Diverse tour is ideal for solo travellers, couples, families and friends and can be customised to suit your wallet and your preferences.

10 Day Namibia North (Bush & Beach)

Africats Care in Okonjima

Okonjima, Onguma, Otjiwarongo, Ongava, Omboroko ... If these captivating names make you yearn for the untamed landscapes of Africa, we invite you to join the 10 Day Namibia North (Bush & Beach) tour. This self-drive adventure takes you to the northern regions where you will experience a breathtaking contrast of bush and beach.

Your tour starts at Windhoek Airport when you get comfortable in your rental vehicle and set off to the Okonjima Plains Camp in Otjiwarongo. Nestling at the foot of the sandstone Omboroko Mountains amidst Acacia thornveld, this lodge is known for big-game sightings. If you are brave enough, you can join a cheetah and leopard tracking tour (at an additional cost).

Set off to Ongava Lodge in Etosha West and learn about the region on game drives led by experienced guides. As the sun sets, settle down with a sundowner on the elevated deck of your lodge and be awed by the most stunning scenic views. 

Your next stop is Damaraland where you will be treated to a nature drive in Twyfelfontein, famous for its ancient rock formations. We also offer a Burnt Mountain and Organ Pipes excursion. No, this is not a musical occasion but you will be awed by the massive columnar basalt rock formations that resemble organ pipes!

Swakopmund is your last stop, a charming coastal town with German-inspired architecture, set on the icy Atlantic ocean. Explore at your leisure and visit the fascinating Museum, the iconic lighthouse and the old sea wall, known as the Mole, built to create a safe mooring place for cargo ships and boats.

Make the most of your two days here as you relax in your luxurious room at the Farmhouse Deli and enjoy the unique hospitality of this vast and timeless land. Once it captures your heart, you will want to return again and again.

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