Safari Packing Guide : Less Stress More Butterflies

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Going on a holiday no matter where it is, takes careful planning and research and can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious instead of excited for the adventure you are about to embark on. Safaris are inherently unpredictable experience's so it's best to be prepared when deciding to take on the wild. To help create a little more butterflies and a little less stress we have put together the ultimate guide to packing guide for your next African Safari adventure.

Backpack / Belt Bag

There is very little space for big travel bags on the 4X4 Safari, and it's important that you have all your necessities and valuables close by, as we mentioned before safaris are inherently unpredictable holidays and it's better to be prepared at all times.


The African sun can be very harsh and while the 4X4 may have some shade cover the glare can be rather intense, sometimes hinder you from seeing animals. So reduce the glare so you can stare.


You can never have too much protection, sunstroke and sunburn are very common out in the African wild and you could use all the protection you can manage. A hat is essential for bush walks and game drives, or for when you're relaxing by the lodge pool.

Comfy Closed Walking Shoes

Multi versatile shoes are super important as you can use them on bush walks, game drives and for wearing around camp and the lodge. They help protect from the cold, from mosquitoes and other bush little bush creatures and entities.


Protection protection protection. You can never have too much in the harsh equatorial sun. This is essential for protecting you where your clothes can't reach.

Lip balm and moisturizer

The bush is usually very dry, especially in winter, with extreme temperatures and constant fluctuations. It's best to keep your skin and lips from cracking.

Insect Repeller

Whilst on safari you come into contact with animals both big and small, but the closest and most annoying one of them all will be the mosquito. They thrive in the bush, so it's best to have a variety of insect repeller to help avoid those nasty bites. Or a good mosquito net works too!

A Good Book

With lots of down time on your hands a good book is a must, try something that's relevant to the area you're in, something that will add value to your experience.

Warm sweater/ Light Fleece

The weather is coldest during the morning game drives and the evening game drives, it is best to pick something that is easy to take on and off as the weather changes often and without a warrant. Your sweater should be easy to access and easy to take on and off.

Waterproof jacket

It may suddenly and without warning rain, it will be quick and cool but with out your rain jacket you're going to get soaked, Africa is famous for its impromptu showers so it's best to be prepared.


These are a packing essential if you don't want to miss a second of the action.

Safari Sight-Seeing with Binoculars

Flash Light

Being out in nature away from civilization makes the nights very dark as there is no big city lights or street traffic to help provide light. Thus, a torch is essential when moving to about camp or to and from the different locations around the lodge.


There is so much to see and experience and guidebook will only help add value and knowledge to your experience, your surroundings and what there is to do in the area that you are in.


It goes without saying you need to have a camera, with the picturesque background and the extraordinary wildlife you are bound to encounter, you want to be able to take some evidence home with you and share some of what you experienced and saw.


The bush is very quiet with only the sounds of natures to fill your ears if you prefer to have a soundtrack to your life playing than an iPod is essential. There is so much great music out there so it's important to take some time to make the perfect playlist.

Journal & Pen

Being so in touch with mother nature is bound to stir up some emotions and feelings. The experience is so rich and profound and with so much time to reflect and relax a journal is the perfect way to capture all that you feel and learn about yourself and the world.Take it all in, leave no stone unturned and remember you can never be too prepared. Embrace the butterflies and forget the nervous. Safaris are all about having an open mind and an open heart. You're about to embark on a journey that is filled with raw and real insight and reflections.

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