Five Bucket-List Experiences in the Kruger National Park

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Africa is a bucket-list destination in itself. The number of hidden gems, incredible sights and life-changing experiences that are found on the continent, make it a must-do trip for most travel lovers. One of the most well-known locations in Africa for an authentic experience, filled with big five game viewing and bucket list activities, is the famous Kruger National Park. Situated just outside South Africa’s capital, the Kruger Park makes for a convenient trip and one that allows travelers to experience the true essence of Africa.If you think the park holds only one fine gem; which is, of course, the wildlife - you’re mistaken. The Kruger Park is a playground for animal lovers, adventure seekers, sportsmen, star-gazers, romantics - you name it; there’s something for everyone, at any time of the day or night. Other than the safari drives - where you’re bound to get epic photographs of both the wildlife and the scenery; we have a list of the top 5 other attractions, which add the cherry on top to an already phenomenal journey.

Experience a Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Imagine being whisked away into the crisp air of the African sky, above the reserve where you have a bird's eye view of what’s happening down below. An opportunity for an adventure such as this doesn’t come around very often. Very few people have experienced a hot air balloon ride - which makes it a pretty exclusive activity. Luckily for you, when you visit the Kruger National Park you’ll get the chance to fulfil your hot air balloon wishes! I can’t think of a better backdrop for this trip, than the Kruger Park; made up of lush vegetation, the continents most exquisite fauna and flora and the beautiful mountainous peaks.

Tour the Endangered Species Centre

What makes Africa so special, is the amount of rare and endangered species it’s home too. Some of the wildlife species found on the continent cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This attracts visitors who are eager to see these animals in the flesh and experience their presence before they’re unable to see them at all. In the Kruger National Park, one can tour the endangered species center which rehabilitates and cares for endangered species. Rhino’s for example, are very difficult to come by in the reserve because they’re currently under threat due to poaching and are being kept in very specific regions, away from the prying eyes of poachers. This is why it would be a good idea to visit the endangered species center: you’d have the opportunity to see rhino’s and plenty of other species, that you may not have the chance to see in the actual reserve.

Take a Helicopter Safari

For those who want to take a memorable flight over the reserve and see it from above; a helicopter trip is ideal. From above you’ll get the chance to see more game and grasslands, and see it from a different perspective. You may not get as good a snap of the wildlife, as you would if you were positioned right next to them in the safari van, but the adventure in itself makes for a memorable experience. In a helicopter, you’ll also obviously have a better chance of seeing more of the reserve, which spans over 2 million hectares. The helicopter trips are usually around an hour long, and you’ll be able to say you experienced a safari in a very different way - from the sky!

Play a Round of Golf

Can you believe there’s a golf course nestled in the plains of the Kruger National Park? You see, you really can find anything and everything in this remarkable reserve! If you’re an avid golfer, or if you’re just excited to try your hand at something new, visit the Skukuzu Golf Course in the Kruger National Park! What makes this golfing activity a cut above the rest, is that you’re bound to spot game, who often meander past the golf course - or sometimes even take a stroll across the course!

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Because the Kruger National Park is dotted with many five-star stays, you can find a place where luxurious massages and other spa treatments, are on offer. Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything better than lazing in the lap of luxury in the middle of the African bush, there are facilities, like the spa, which allows you to relax in the hands of a professional spa therapist, with the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of nature around you. Can it get any better? We think not!

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