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Generation Y is the most influential generation we have had yet. With so much news and information circling them, and with people all over the world are trying their best to understand who they are, their likes and dislikes, what they want, what they don't want and how they see the world. Millennials are not only the biggest, but they are also the most connected and influential generation there ever was, impacting many industries across the globe, even changing the face of the travel industry. They are the wanderlust generation, with their prime focus being on having experiences rather than things, spending their money on trips both at home and abroad. However, due to their unique perspective of the world, they have also acquired an exclusive list of requirements that they look for when picking a travel destination.What exactly does this complex collective look for when picking a holiday destination? Well, many people choose a holiday based on availability, holiday sports, cost efficiency, weather or other tourists or lack thereof. Not generation Y, who base their holiday picks for almost entirely different reasons.

How ‘Instagrammable’ is the Holiday

Apparently, millennials see the world through small squares and various filters. With lit up city scenes, tropical beaches and historic buildings, littering the Instagram feeds of millennials from all around the world. It's no wonder how 'Instagrammable’ a place is, is a make or break when planning a millennial holiday. With Instagram making them feel as if everyone is somewhere exotic, doing something amazing except them. We all know this is how social media works, beautifully capturing our exotic somewhat narcissistic lifestyles. However just because a destination is ‘Instagrammable’ doesn't mean that it doesn't have other great things to offer it just means that filtered or not it makes for a picturesque experience.[wdi_feed id="1"]

Cultural Experience Over Partying

No longer are the travelers of today searching for the best bars, parties or events around the world, but instead, millennials are utilizing their ‘experience economy.' Applying a term that was deemed by businessmen to create more memorable events for their customers. With more millennials choosing to spend their money on experiences rather than material items. Regarding an experience that is rich culturally as the superior travel option. Throwing caution to the wind and stepping out of their comfort zones millennials embrace authentic and cultural destinations, restaurants and hotels/backpackers. Constantly trying to integrate themselves into as many little spaces the world has to offer, in hopes to become a more culturally enriched human.

Personal Development

Personal development and Cultural experience go hand in hand with millennials desire to grow and to stretch themselves to be more, to understand more and to learn. In hopes to be a richer more understanding and worldly human. Whether the lessons are big or small, they are all considered invaluable to a millennial.

The Travelling Milennial

Sightseeing Opportunities

Millennials want to take everything in; they want to cram as much into their experience as they possibly can, thus a place that offers them the opportunities to see a variety of different sight is a must. They want to immerse themselves in as much as the destination can provide, and they strive to see, and experience as much as they can.

Deals and Specials

Millennials are the fastest growing age-segment spending money on travel. However, travel isn't exactly cheap. Deals, promotions, and sales are what this generation rely on; they are the ultimate bargainers always looking for the best specials and deals around. They aren't too concerned about all the frills and fuss; they are happy to stay in a hostel, to camp, if they're going to save some money to spend on more experiences. Although these requirements may differ from the generations before them, it doesn't mean they are impossible to fulfill. A safari is an inherently beautiful and authentic cultural experience and is known to be one of the most profound holiday destinations the world has to offer. Looking into the intimate lifestyles of the world's most exotic animals, with a more than accommodating picturesque background will ensure you'll be the envy of all your social media followers. Connecting with your roots and those of the indigenous people is an experience that is not only raw and real but one that provides thrilling and exciting snippets of a closer look into the ways of the wild. With a variety of different accommodations that range from lodges and bungalows to campsite and even houseboats. There is an accommodation for every type of adventurer. Here at, we pride ourselves on ensuring a holiday that bests meets your requirements ensuring you receive all the frills and a fair and reasonable price. Book your next travel destination today with and ensure all your millennial needs are met.

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