Botswana Phrase Guide: The importance of language

Arriving in a new country is one of the greatest feelings in the world, especially if it is your first time being there. Your senses are overwhelmed as you take your first step into the foreign air, breathing in all the different exciting smells and sights. However, arriving at a foreign destination can be somewhat daunting and even intimidating as you brace yourself with the many obstacles that stand before you.You spend most of your time leading up to your trip researching, planning itineraries, and drawing up a budget to ensure your trip unfolds glitch free. You pack up your things, catch flights, buses, even trains you wait for visas and layovers all before landing. You spend more of your time planning your holiday then you do on your holiday. So it is important to do all you can to enhance your holiday where-ever you decide to go, so none of your relentless planning goes to unrewarded.

The Importance of a Botswana Phrase Guide

Mokoro safari - Botswana phrase guide
There is no better way to explore the Okavango than on a mokoro safari. It is the best way to admire the smaller creatures of the bush and prolific bird life which the Okavango is known for.

To guarantee that your holiday is everything you wanted and more, that it exceeds all expectations try and familiarize yourself with the indigenous language of where you are. There is no need to be fluent but knowing a couple of helpful phrases ensures a trip that is culturally rich and one that will inflict self-growth. Knowing a little bit more about the people of the place you are visiting will give you a closer glimpse into their intimate lifestyles, traditions and culture. Promising an experience that is unique, one that gives you a different view of the not just the destination, but of the world, yourself and the people who live in it. Make your holiday that much more impressional, promising that you’ll return home a richer more understanding human.

Why Botswana?

Baobabs in the Kalahari - Botswana phrase guide
Baobabs are a succulent, which means that during the rainy season it absorbs and stores water, allowing it to produce a nutritious fruit in the dry season and this is why baobabs are known as "The Tree of Life".

To ensure that your next African adventure is one of profundity and enlightenment here is a phrase guide to the magical land of Botswana - a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Situated between the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta which are the jewels in Botswana’s ever expanding crown. Its lush landscape and watery delta are considered one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and was named ‘Lonely Planet’s Top travel destination for 2016.

Botswana is a must see, culturally vibrant, progressive and invigoratingly wild. Its rich historical background oozes mystic and wonder and sets the perfect primordial backdrop for an array of some of the world's largest wildlife, also known as the land of giants Botswana is picturesque and full of wonderment. Beautiful, soulful and vigorous the semi nomadic indigenous people of Botswana live pastoral lifestyles in permanent settlements. Warm, hospitable with an unrivaled connection to art,  the land and all the residents in it. All citizens of Botswana are collectively called Batswana or Motswana and can be group into one of two categories: the Setswana-speaking people and the non-Setswana speaking people. Sixty percent of the population traces their heritage back to one of the Setswana speaking groups. However, the majority of the country is schooled in English. The world is unthinkably vast, with so much to offer, with so much for us to learn and appreciate. Language is the key to unlocking these treasure of insight the world has to offer and learning or trying to learn the language of another country is taking steps to a more enlightened you. With a basic Botswana phrase guide, you are in the best position to truly understand the country and its people.

Tswana rituals - Botswana phrase guide
There are 1 million Tswana people living in the nation of Botswana. They have an amazing culture, wearing traditional clothing and performing various ritual ceremonies.

Botswana Phrase Guide: Understanding the basics

Hello - Dumela

How Are You?
- O tsogile Jang

What Is Your Name? - Leina Le Gago Ke Mang?

My Name Is… - Leina La Me Ke…

Where Are You From? - Ko Gae Ke Kae?

I'm From… - Ke Tswa Ko…

Pleased To Meet You - Ke Itumelela Go Goitsi

Good Night - Boroko

Goodbye - Tsamaya Sentle

Have a Nice Day - Tlhola SentleI Understand - Ke a Tihaloganya

I Don’t Understand - Ga Ke TlhaloganyePlease Speak Slower - Bua Ka Bonya

Please Repeat That - Ke Kopa O Boelestse GapeDo You Speak Tswana? - A O Bua Setswana?

Do You Speak English? - A O Bua English?

Excuse Me - Intshwarele

How Much Is This? -  E Ke Bokae?

Sorry - Ke Kopa Tshwarelo

Please - Tswee-tswee

Thank You - Ke a Lebonga rra

I Love You - Ke a Go Rata

Go Away - Tsamaya Kwa

Leave Me Alone - Ntlogele

Stop - Ema

Call The Police - Bitsa Mapodisi

One Language is Never Enough - Laleme Le Le Lengwe Ga le a Lekanela

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