Why We Love Sanctuary's Luxurious New Geoffrey Kent Suite

Just opened: Sanctuary Olonana Geoffrey Kent Suite

The boutique Sanctuary Olonana camp in, situated on a private stretch of the Mara River has long since been one of the top luxury tented suites to visit in the Masai Mara Game Reserve recently opened the doors of its newest Geoffrey Kent Suite. The existing 14 suites have, for many years, set a standard of eco-friendly and truly wild luxury in the heart of the Masai Mara - and one of our guest favourites from which to experience the Great Migration.It seems though that Sanctuary Olonana were not simply content to stop there. The newly finished Geoffrey Kent Suite was recently built as another step forward in providing guests to Olonana with the very best of comfort, style, luxury after long and exciting days exploring the incredible surrounding reserves.The Geoffrey Kent Suite is situated right on the incredible Mara River, providing guests staying in the suite with a serene outdoor experience, which gives visitors the opportunity to truly connect with the Mara environment. As a continuation of the blending of the Geoffrey Kent Suite with it's surrounds, the suites host full length windows (floor-to-ceiling) that blur the lines between inside and outside.The suite was built with an open plan layout that connects the dining area to a private lounge and two en-suite bedrooms. The outside of the Geoffrey Kent Suite continues the connection of the suite with the surrounds - wraparound decking allows guests to circle the suite to follow what wildlife may be making its way through the bush nearby.Exclusivity is mandatory at the Geoffrey Kent Suite, and the suite is only accessible through travelling on a private road, meaning that the infinity pool and look-out deck offer complete privacy.Guests can already begin booking the Geoffrey Kent Suite, with the first available booking night being the 18th of March 2019.Looking to see the Great Migration? Head over to our Great Migration Path Explained blog to better understand where the migration will be when bookings open for the suite, or how to catch the Great Migration throughout the rest of the year.

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