Shopping for a Safari; A Complete List of Things you Need

A safari experience calls for some careful planning and perhaps some shopping, too. Unless you’re an avid hiker or safari enthusiast, you may not have all the things you need, stored in your closet, to ensure your African adventure is smooth sailing. To save you from hassle, and potential travel nightmares, we’ve compiled a complete list of things you need; from luggage, to clothing, odds, and ends and even medication!You can’t afford to forget the essentials because out in the isolated African bush, there are no stores nearby to stock up on the forgotten items!Take a look at the ultimate shopping list for a safari adventure, and if you already have it all, utilize this list as a packing guide, before you jet off into the African sunset!


Soft Luggage BagThe only way to get around the African bush, if you’re not driving, is by airplane. The planes are small charter aircrafts, with minimal space in the luggage compartment. Passengers are not allowed to bring along hard luggage bags, as they don’t fit into these designated luggage spots, therefore, one needs to take a soft luggage bag that can easily be stored.A Back-pack for all the Cameras and ChargersSeeing as you’ll be taking plenty of photo’s of the magical surroundings and beautiful wildlife, your camera is going to end up becoming an extension of you, and you’ll be using it every minute of the day. It will be used so often, that you’ll also need to charge it frequently, and rummaging through your main luggage bag, for a small charger, can easily become a nightmare.The best thing to do is bring along a backpack, just for all the cameras and chargers, so that you can easily find all the things you need!


Neutral Coloured ClothingIt’s essential that you wear clothing that blends in with the surroundings. Stay away from colours such as white, black, and any bright colours such as red and yellow. The people sport camouflage attire, are usually the ones that see more wildlife, as the animals aren’t fond of bright colours. Choosing the right clothing, also ensures safety, as some animals feel threatened by bright colours, and may decide to sort you out!Safari HatYour best bet for ultimate protection is a hat that covers the back of your neck, your ears and gives shade to your face. Otherwise, opt for a peak cap. The African sun should not be underestimated!Summer ClothingDuring the day, whether it’s during the summer or the winter months, the daytime sun is blistering hot. So, pack in summer clothes, but make sure the clothing still covers your skin, to further protect you from the sun.Fleece Jacket and JerseyIn the early mornings and evenings, the temperatures can drop drastically, especially in winter. Make sure to pack in fleeced jerseys and jackets, to keep warm. Safari vans are open-air vans, which means the breeze will be fairly icy if you aren’t prepared.Warm SleepwearAs mentioned above, the evenings can get bitterly cold, especially during winter. To ensure you have a good night's sleep, without shivering the night away, pack in warm sleepwear!Hiking BootsHiking boots are essential when you’re trotting about in the bush. You’ll most likely experience a walking safari while you’re venturing in Africa, and you’ll need footwear that is suitable for the rough terrain. It’s all about comfort as well as protecting your ankles when you’re treading on unlevel ground.Thick SocksThick socks are a must, especially if you are wearing hiking boots. Not only are hiking boots fairly rigid, the socks will ensure further comfort.


SunglassesWith the sun almost always shining brightly in Africa, sunglasses are a great idea!Stainless Steel Water BottleA water bottle that will keep your water cold, is a must-have item. Some lodges give you a water bottle, but you want to have your own one, just in case. Game drives can sometimes last the whole day and you’ll want to freshen up, especially on the warm days!BinocularsMost of the wildlife will allow you to come up close to them, however, there’s some that aren’t as eager, for your visit. For those guys, you’ll need a set of Binoculars, to get a better glimpse. You also don’t want to miss out on the stunning birdlife, in Africa!Camera’s, Camera Chargers and Extra BatteriesBy now you know that you'll definitely need your camera, to capture those breathtaking moments, and we can assure you; there’ll be many! Your camera will be getting plenty of use, so make sure to pack in your charger, and to be extra safe; stock up on some more batteries!

Medical Essentials

Prescription MedicationThis needs little explanation! Prescription meds should NOT be left behind, ever!Any Other Tablets you May NeedEven if you hardly ever get sick, or feel the pain of headaches, heartburn, muscle pain, or any sort of cramp or allergy, just pack in the medication for these, in case. There really is nowhere to buy these meds, out on the open plains, in the heart of Africa.SunscreenSunscreen is a no-brainer. The sun belts down from morning ‘till evening and you want to stay protected at all times! You will also want to pack this in your safari back-pack, so that you can apply extra sunscreen, during the day, when you’re out on a safari drive!If you have all these essential items, we’re confident that you'll be ready to take on Africa! Now, all that’s left is to get your passport, visa and flight tickets ready, and you’re good to go!

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