Skukuza Nursery and <i>A Can for Conservation</i>

Skukuza Rest Camp is the Kruger National Park's flagship destination for a number of reasons: leafy green scenery and the south bank of the Sabie River pushing softly through the local flora, soft sunsets and the gentle presence of the twilight savanna as guests settle in for the evening. The camp itself can play host to a capacity of 300 guests at any given time, and all of them get to enjoy a beautiful selection of indigenous flowers, trees, and grasses.This vegetation, which plays such an important part in both the beauty and biodiversity of this area, was the focal point of a Kruger National Park project this September past. The official Skukuza Nursery kicked off an initiative labeled “A Can for Conservation” during Arbour Week of this year, aimed at spreading the natural beauty of the park to schools and nurseries in the surrounding areas.Scientific Services and Conservation Management staff at the nursery packaged cans full of material with which to grow some of the exquisite plantlife seen in and around the camp, taken from the wide selection grown at the nursery. These contents include a soil composed of local river sand and organic compost, gravel for drainage, Acacia Xanthophloea (or Fever Tree) seeds, and a set of instructions to help get you started.

Michele Hofmeyr, Nursery Manager at Skukuza, explained that the project would focus chiefly on school children from the area, encouraging them to actively participate in the shaping of the landscape, and to be "aware of the need to plant and maintain trees that are indigenous to South Africa.”Since its completion in September, the project has drawn attention and demand from businesses looking to "go green", prompting the nursery to maintain the assembly structure of "A Can for Conservation" and facilitate bulk purchases of these units - meaning you or your business can now pick up a "Can for Conservation" directly from the Skukuza Nursery itself for R10 per unit.Contact Michele on (013) 735 4312 or email at for further details.

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