Things To Do Under The African Sun

In Africa, we welcome summer with open arms, embracing the warm rays of our newly sun-kissed skins, the cool summer breeze wisping through our hair, the endless array of cocktails ready to tickle our taste buds and the blossoming of fauna that brings sweet smells and an even sweeter sight to the forefront. Summer is the season of more in Africa - more love, more passion, and more joy. A summer vacation in Africa is unlike any other, with the warm embrace of the sun making us feel so alive.Africa is beautiful all year round, but in summer the sunny disposition of the countries people radiates through the nation, igniting a feeling that's hard to ignore. The transition between the season is so subtle, and one morning you wake up, and you feel as if the world is singing to you, and all you want to do is sing back. But surely if Africa has incredible weather all year round then it's something else other than the warm weather that makes this season so magic. After much deliberation and debate here are the top five reason why Africa shines in summer. Whether your heart longs for the profound tranquility that comes with luxurious safari destinations, or if you long to dip your soul in the sea, fly above the clouds or concur the plains. Africa in summer promises an experience like no other, one of profundity, intimacy, excitement, and hope and with we can make it all possible.

Go on Safari for your Summer Vacation

If you haven't already been on a safari the time is now, and Africa boasts a host of unforgettable safari destinations to one of the world's most sought-after experiences. A safari offers an untapped wonderland waiting to expand your horizons. Through a rare marriage of African authenticity, cultural diversity, pulsating energy and picturesque backdrops, safaris let you glimpse into the intimate lifestyle of the wild. Offering things only dreams are made of the African safari adventure get even better in Summer (yes, it is possible). Summer means there is more to see, with a filter from the African sun that is better than any of social media. Flora and fauna make scoping for animals feel blissful and dreamlike as the sun sweetly sweeps the edges of your skin.

Get Beached

In Africa, there is no reason needed to be given a trip to the beach. With perfect weather, all year round the beach is a place of solitude, familiarity, and adventure. There is nothing more nostalgic than the warm sparkling blue water, soft sand between your toes and sticky melting ice cream running down your arm - This is summer. Like everything about Africa, there is diversity in the bucket loads, and the beaches are no different, with multiple beaches to suit numerous occasions. Looking for a quite romantic beach where you can wallow privately in the sea and your love without the gawks of passers-by, or maybe a beach for the whole family with watersports and lifeguards. Perhaps you're looking for something different like a nude beach or a beach sprinkled with smartly dress jackass penguins who hide among an array of madly scatter boulders- Africa has it all.Did you know that you can go on safari and spend some time on a tropical beach in Kenya? Discover which are the top beach resorts in Kenya here.


There is nothing better than fresh air in your lungs as you conquer the peaks of Africa, with spectacular views with every step there is no better way to get your blood pumping. With many mountains on offer Africa boasts an array of hiking trails for professionals and amateurs. Whether you feel like a challenge or just want to be outdoors, Africa has peaked for all occasions. Get in touch with the natural planes of a primordial land and fall in love with her untouched paths and breathtaking views. This will also help you recover from travel fatigue and rejuvenate you enough for the next big adventure.

Shop Like A Local

Shopping like local lets you bring all the treasured keepsakes and souvenirs you want without breaking the bank, And Africa has a variety of local markets selling everything you could imagine, offering a vibrant and colorful array of trinkets, fabric, beads and clothing and spices. If it's not the trinkets you're into, then go for the people, who are warm, friendly and willing to help with whatever treasure you are looking for but can't seem to find. Don't underestimate this colorful market experiences and the joys that will come from experiencing it.

Embrace Adventure

South Africa is a place of tranquillity and peace a place to experience the primordial world in all its glory, but South Africa is also known as one of the words infamous hot spots for outdoor adventures. If you're a thrill seeker then this is a destination for you. Located amongst some of the most picturesque scenery in the world South Africa offers more than a pretty picture but rather boast locations created for the adventurous heart. Whether you young or old there is an activity out there to get your heart racing. Throw caution to the wind and experience an array of different activities from deep sea diving, abseiling, elephant back safari’s, surfing, hang gliding, shark cage diving, skydiving, paragliding and hot air ballooning.

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