Top Experiences along the Zambezi River

Listed as the fourth longest river in Africa, and running through six countries, there are oodles of top experiences along the Zambezi River and its iconic mighty waters.The Zambezi is a source of nourishment for animals, a source of hydroelectric power for four countries, and with its surrounding beauty, dramatic landscapes and abundance of feathered and four-footed creatures, it is also a source of memorable experiences.

Top Experiences along the Zambezi River

Zambezi River view

Crimson sunsets and unrivaled views abound on the Zambezi River.The Zambezi River is a tapestry of mystery and excitement, giving meaning – and life – to the pristine wilderness it surrounds, with endless opportunities to discover its waters.Scattered along its shores there are numerous tourist activities; from things to do for intrepid travelers testing the rushing waters for daring adventures to finding solitude – a haven for mind, body and soul – on the Zambezi River. Below are a few suggestions of water-inspired things – often wild, often wet – you can get up to when you visit Zimbabwe or Zambia. Talk to us, we can help you plan.

Canoeing on the Zambezi

elephant sighting canoe on zambezi

Experience captivating wildlife encounters up-close on a canoe safari with African Bush Camps.The Zambezi River is home to Africa’s finest canoeing safaris due to the healthy populations of large and small game which can be seen as you paddle along the tranquil waters. In the upper Zambezi region – between Zimbabwe’s Zambezi National Park and Zambia’s Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park – short canoe trails are available but for the more adventurous, the lower Zambezi is recommended. The lower Zambezi with its broad floodplains bordered by the escarpment, is home to overnight canoe trails and the Mana Pools, a World Heritage Site with unparalleled wildlife, and the shorelines of the Lower Zambezi National Park, set the scene for an unforgettable canoe experience.


Tiger fishing on Zambezi River

Cast a line in the majestic upper Zambezi, a prime location for tiger fishing.Whether you are a fisherman at heart or looking for a new experience, the Zambezi River with its more than 75 species of fish, is known to reel in people from all over the globe for a catch-and-release fishing experience. And it is mostly the elusive freshwater Tigerfish – known for their power and set of fierce teeth – that makes it such a noteworthy line-dropping location. There is also of course the large Vundu (Southern African catfish), which can weigh up to 55 kg, and the Yellow-belly Bream (Nembwe), and fishing often go hand-in-hand with bird watching and game viewing.

Walking Safari

Walking Safari African Bush Camp

Set out on foot and a get a different perspective, as you tread where the wildlife are treading, on a walking safari.Leaver your footprints in Zambezi National Park and tread among the wild inhabitants on a walking safari, the perfect way to let nature gracefully awaken your senses on a ground level experience with creatures, big and small, while being accompanied by an experienced guide. You can also do a walking safari in the northern area of the park, where the foothills of the Zambezi escarpment form the Chongwe Falls, known for sightings of the elusive Samango monkey.

Boating Safari

boating safari Zambezi River

Come face to face with Africa's gentle giants on the Zambezi River.Steer into the sunset – one of the not-to-miss top experiences along the Zambezi River – when you climb aboard a boat during golden hour. A Zambezi boating safari invites you to relax, gin & tonic in hand, and soak up the last hours of daylight while hippos yawn right in front of you and open-mouth crocodiles keep a watchful eye from the banks of the river. More land-based animals, such as elephants, and a variety of bird species can be spotted from the boat, and 4-course dinner cruises are also available.

Game Drive

Zambezi National Park Game Drive Safari

Watching animals thrive in their natural environment while on a game drive is without a doubt one of the top experiences along the Zambezi River.Explore the vast wildlife-rich wilderness of Zambezi National Park on an early morning, or afternoon game drive and make your safari dreams a reality as you scour the bush for elephants, lion, buffalo, herds of antelope and more. Due to the park’s extensive network of roads, and a more than capable safari vehicle, you will travel along the river where crocodiles and hippos lurk in – or nearby – the water. And get a front row seat to the vast array of bird species (more than 400), any photographer’s dream.

Zambezi Lunch

Sausage Tree Camp

As the sun sets, tap into the romantic spirit of Africa and soak up the Zambezi River view with a sun downer and delectable meal.The Zambezi is not all about adventure, it also cherishes a sense of romance and Sausage Tree Camp - at the confluence of the Chifungulu Channel and the Zambezi River – knows how to rekindle the spark with their water lunches. On a sandbank in the Zambezi River, with the refreshing cool African waters lapping at your feet, you can have a meal in the middle of the river (water level permitting).

White Water Rafting

white water rafting zambezi river Top Experiences along the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is calling the thrill seekers, the brave and adventurous on a wild and wonderful experience: white water rafting.To get the blood flowing and the adrenaline going, one of the top experiences along the Zambezi River is white water rafting. Home to some of the world’s most thrilling rapids – ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 5 – the river’s force winds its way through Batoka Gorge and will ask you to tap into your spirit of bravery in the name of a wet adventure as it brings you face to face with rapids carrying names such as The Gnashing Jaws of Death, The Ugly Stepsisters, The Devil’s Toilet Bowl and more.

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