Traveling With Phrases in Kenya

There is no better feeling then touching down in a new country, especially if it is your first time being there. However, it can be somewhat daunting as you ponder all the obstacles that stand before you. You look forward to an experience of new smells and heightened senses. Before you embark on your latest and greatest adventure, you spend most of your time leading up to your trip planning itineraries, drawing up budgets and schedules to ensure that your trip has as little bumps along the way as possible. After catching buses, trains, and planes, waiting for layovers and visa you have spent more time planning your holiday than you actually do on it.That's why it's so important to try and do all you can to enhance every aspect of your adventure whether it be big or small. To guarantee your holiday is everything you wanted and more and so that none of your relentless planning goes to unrewarded, try and familiarise yourself with the language of your destination. There is no need to be fluent but knowing a couple of helpful phrases ensures a trip that is culturally rich one that will inflict self-growth and boundless happiness. To know a little more about the culture and the people of the place you are visiting will give you a closer glimpse into their intimate lifestyles, traditions, and practices.It will provide you with deeper insight into the fabric that makes up this little pocket of the earth you've chosen to see and will allow you to reap more love, understanding, and compassion from wherever it is you are. Allowing a different view of the destination, the world, yourself and the people who live in it. Knowing as much as you can about your destination will give you a much more lasting impression of where you are, ensuring that you return home a richer better human of the world.The next phrase guide from the travel with phrases series is here is as we unveil the secrets of beautiful Kenya through words. So you are always prepared to greet back friendly faces, to help get yourself out of possibly sticky situations and to grasp a better understanding of the people of Kenya and how they communicate with one another. Kenya is one of Africa’s most infamous destinations known for its distinctive and stunning locations that make you feel as if you're stepping into a real-world-nature documentary as you get to view pristine wilderness and internationally-significant habitats where the wildlife roam freely. The intrigue and allure of Kenya date back to the birth of humanity, her plains stretch across white sandy beaches, journeys to dense, lush forests and diverge into desserts. From her highest peaks on Mount Kenya to her deepest ocean Kenya is a dream come true that offers, insight, authenticity, variety, and magic. As one of the world's most magnificent wildlife destinations Kenya boasts reserves as well as private conservancy home to the most diverse population of wildlife on the planet. Prepare to be transported into a primordial land which features iconic scenes of elephants, graceful giraffe, antelope, buffalos, zebra, hippos, rare and endangered species and the, of course, the infamous Big 5.Kenya is a multilingual language country, with a total of sixty-two languages spoken across the country and thirteen different ethnic groups.The most widely spoken language is Swahili also known as Bantu infused with Arabic, Asian and European elements. Kenya is renowned for its diverse heritage and culture despite the multiple ethnic tribes that exist. Kenyans are known to be some of the world's friendliest people, people who embrace unity, peace, and acceptance, sharing their lives intimately with the wild and valuing the closeness they have with those who inhabit it, seeing its people as one, its land as one, and its country as one. Warm and hospitable the Kenyans will ensure your stay is one of happiness and a shared love for the primordial subtlety of life, arriving as a visitor and forever leaving as a friend.

Phrase Guide: Swahili

Hello - HabariHow Are You? - Hujambo?What is Your Name? - Jina Lako ni nani?My Name is… - Jina langu ni…?I'm From… - Natoka…Pleased to Meet You - Nafurahi kukuonaGood Morning - Habari ya asubuhiGood Evening - Habari ya JioniGoodbye - KwaheriCheers - AfyaHave a Nice Day - Nakutakia siku njemaBon appetit - Ufurahie chakula chakoHave a Good Journey - Safari njemaI Understand - NaelewaI Dont understand - SielewiI Dont Know- SijuiPlease Speak Slower - Tafadhali sema polepoleDo You Speak English? - Unazungumza Kingereza?Yes, a Little Do You Speak… - Ndiyo, kidogo tuDo You Speak Swahili? - Unazngumza Kiswahli?How Do You Say … In Swahili - Unasemaeje…. Kwa Kiswahili?Excuse me - Samahani nipisheHow Much is This? - Hii ni bei gani?Sorry - SamahaniThank You - AsantePlease - TafadhaliNo Thank You - Hapana asanteWhere is the Toilet? - Choo kiko wapi?One Language is Never Enough - Lugha moja haitoshi

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