Winter in Africa: Going on Safari During the Wet Season

Visiting Africa should definitely be on everyone's travel bucket list, or at least make their top ten must-see destinations. Africa, is a vast and beautiful continent, which boast 54 countries that can't easily be generalized, and neither can the variety of African safari and sight-seeing opportunities on offer around the continent. Each hosting an exciting destination, offering a unique and profound experience. This makes making a decision about when and where to have your next African adventure slightly overwhelming as there are so many places to see. Such as the Maasai of Kenya. The sun shines in Africa all year round, blessing us with some of the most beautiful winters in the world, that means that no matter what time of year it may be, it is always a good time to go on safari.

Here are three reasons to book your next visit to Africa in winter.

Take solace in the shade.

This one may seem obvious, but it bears repeating. The African sun is hot, and can sometimes even be brutal making you and the game feel bothered and lethargic. This lessens their activity and your productivity making for a seemingly unpleasant experience. To avoid the blistering heat the game is most active during dusk and dawn, spending the rest of their day hiding under a large tree or shrub taking solace from the sun, this reduces the potential of viewing game as they are usually hiding out from the sun rays. In the winter, the game is more active, and the air is crisp and cooler making for a more pleasant experience for the game and for you.

Beat the crowds

The winter months in Africa, are arguably the slowest season for tourism. This means safari camps, lodges and bungalows are often less busy and crowded than in the popular summer and spring seasons. You will avoid the crowds and the general hustle and bustle that comes with a warmer safari visits. This allows you to really connect with yourself and your roots, experiencing a much more personalised and private safari experience, and if you're lucky you may even get your own private vehicle to make what is already such a rare and unreal adventure even better.You will also be able to take advantage of the off-season deals and discounts rates making your trip less expensive too.

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African winters are unlike those anywhere else in the world, they are dry and cool with temperatures ranging from around 23 degree Celsius this makes for the perfect conditions to see exclusive animals and here's why. The winter months are drier this makes the Bush less dense allowing you to spot animals through the decaying shrubbery. The lack of water in winter means the animals will come out in search of watering holes, this guarantees some exclusive animal spotting and if that isn't enough to get you booking over winter then maybe the great mammal migration will. As winter approaches the mammal masses herds across the African plains and rivers as the season changes in search for rain-ripened grasses. This is known as ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’ as it is the greatest mass movement of land mammals in the world. It's not only a chance to see what is listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, it also offers incredible views of plains dotted with huge herds of a variety of all different types of animals, volcanic grasslands, vast plains, rolling hills, rocky outcrops, rivers and forests.The migration is not just a way to see the tantalizing and organic lands that nature has to offer but it also attracts some of the continents most infamous predators, big cats, crocodiles and hyenas which are never too far behind.Visiting in right season will treat you to astonishing sightings of this natural phenomenon, a truly once in a lifetime experience. Do not miss out and book your winter safari today.Photo Credits: Flickr

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