White Impala

White Impala

Oscar Wilde said that “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

I was in the Kruger National Park and decided to a take drive to Mpondo Dam one morning. I was expecting to see some cats but instead came across this white Impala. I was thrilled to see such a sighting, because one doesn’t always stumble across an animal that so common and yet so rare at the same time.

The reason for it being white is Leucism. It’s a condition characterized by a reduced pigmentation in animals. Unlike Albinism, it is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigments, not just melanin.

Image and text by Ronesh Pharboo.

What’s the most amazing albino/leucistic animal you’ve seen at the Kruger National Park?

6 Replies to “White Impala”

  1. we were also lucky to see the white impala while we were there in December and my aunt was lucky to see a white buffalo

  2. Last June we saw a fully-grown albino buffalo on the tar road up to Berg en Dal. I’ve also seen a grown kudu bull back in the 90s as well as an impala ewe near Lower Sabie. Very lucky to see a young white lion south of Lower Sabie in the mid-90s (I realise that’s not an albino though). None of my sightings have been as close as yours though, it’s a beautiful photo!

  3. We were fortunate enough to spot the white Impala too on a recent visit to the Park in May. It was so unexpected!

  4. we saw the white impala on our recent visit to the park yesterday. Was quite a pleasant surprise, and the best sighting seen to say the least! hope it survives much long.

  5. We just saw another white impala on the road between
    Croc Bridge and Lower Sabie! It was a young ram and unlike this one, seemed to be completely pigmentless, having reddish eyes. It was like spotting a unicorn!