Did you know? A Group of Rhinos are Referred to as a Crash....

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Which is quite an apt description due to their over-powering size and stature, these larger-than-life mammals can grow up to 6 feet tall and 11 feet in length.Don't, however, let these mammoth proportions mislead you. The Rhino is not as slow as one would imagine and is able to reach speed of up to 50 - 60 km per hour (To put this in perspective: Usain Bolt, record holder for the fastest man in the world, can run 44.72 km per hour)Check out this Close up of a Crash of Curious Rhino grazing around a Go Pro:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2apca3UpaHoFilmed by Christof Schoeman in the Greater Kruger National ParkThe Kruger National Park is home to a number of lodges that help protect these incredible animals. Rhino Post Safari Lodge is a great example of responsible, eco-conscious tourism, and boasts extremely comfortable accommodation. The lodge is named after a rhino rubbing post and is known for its incredible rhino sightings.

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