Conde Nast's Favorite African Destinations

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Why Condé Nast's List of Favorite African Destinations matter

Condé Montrose Nast was an American publisher, entrepreneur, and business magnate. He founded Condé Nast, a mass media company, now a subsidiary of Advance Publications, which publishes some of the world’s best-known magazine brands, including Vogue, Glamour, Gentleman's Quarterly, Architectural Digest, Wired, House & Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, Tatler and Vanity Fair.Known as a reputable publishing company, people from all over the world hold Conde Nast’s content and opinions in high regard; with highly influential brands raking in over 160 million consumers.One of their most successful magazines and most visited website is that of Conde Nast Traveller, which operates worldwide and has won 25 National Magazine Awards to date. Travelers who are interested in luxury travel, generally look to Conde Nast Traveller for accurate and unbiased advice on the best travel destinations, favorable accommodation options, and experiences not to be missed.It’s clear that Conde Nast is a trusted source when it comes to luxury travel. The travel writers report from the ground and showcase their pieces with incredible photography. It’s interesting to see which destinations manage to top the list, considering that the world is dotted with luxurious destinations and award-winning hotels and resorts. The competition is incredibly tight!

Conde Nast - Our Favourite African Destinations for a Safari

Botswana is a favorite African safari

abu camp, botswana

Elephants outside a room at Abu Camp, BotswanaBotswana is one of Conde Nast’s favorite destinations for a safari and there are many reasons why. Botswana is known for its dense population of wildlife as well as an incredibly healthy birdlife - which means that wherever you stay you’ll be blessed with incredible sightings of both game, and rare bird species. Botswana is dotted with reserves and luxury 5-star lodges; each concession adding something special to your safari experience. Most concessions boast the likes of the big 5 and many species of mammal, and there are even some areas that are known specifically for certain types of game. For example, Abu Camp is known for the impressive number of elephants that live nearby, over and above the other species that call it home.

okavango delta

An elephant in the world renowned Okavango Delta, BotswanaThe Okavango Delta is one of the prime locations to help make Botswana a favorite African Safari as it’s the wettest part of the country - being one of the few water sources, the animals are attracted to this location, which means there’s a good chance that you’ll spot even the rarest of species. Although the Delta is the wettest area, there are a few other areas with water sources - and as they say 'where there is water there is life'. Other incredible locations which guarantee fantastic game viewings include Chobe National Park, Chief's Island and the Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando concession.Kenya is a favorite African safari

Amboseli Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Amboseli National Park gives you access to the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya.Kenya is home to the world-renowned reserve, the Masai Mara. The Masai Mara is famously known for being home to one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth - the Great Mammal Migration. Over and above the estimated 2 million mammals that pass through the open plains during the months of July - September, the Masai Mara is known for its overabundance of wildlife. It certainly is a reserve immersed in life; from the wildlife to the birds and the fauna and flora. The Masai Mara, however, is not the only reason Kenya is one of the best destinations for a safari - it also has many other reserves which are known for their wildlife. Amboseli National Park for example, which is located near the Tanzanian border, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, contains a great number of elephant as well as cheetah, giraffe and zebra - and also boasts many a rare bird species. Other reserves with a varied range of wildlife include Nairobi National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Hell’s Gate National Park and Tsavo National Park. Tanzania is a favorite African safari

hot air balloon safari tanzania

A hot air balloon safari during the Great Migration is a once in a lifetime experience.Just like Kenya has the great open plains of the Masai Mara, so Tanzania has the great open plains of the Serengeti, which the mammals migrate to and from during the Great Mammal Migration. The Serengeti is another world-renowned reserve and is known as the oldest ecosystem on earth. This is yet another area which is deeply immersed in life - from birds to wildlife and a vast range of plant species. Ngorongoro Crater is another favorite in Tanzania; a crater which is known for being the world’s largest inactive and unfilled volcanic caldera. It is now an open piece of land that stretches out for miles and has become a breeding ground for many forms of life. Other fantastic locations in Tanzania for wildlife and birdlife sightings include; Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Arusha.

Conde Nast’s List of the Most Beautiful African Destinations

South Africa is one of the most beautiful African Destinations

table mountain cape town

Table Mountain stands proudly in the center of Cape TownSouth Africa is without a doubt a magnificent corner of the globe - and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular destinations to travel in Africa and the world as a whole. With the likes of exquisite Cape Town under its belt, there’s no denying it is a country filled with natural beauty - even though there is more ‘city’ than there are open plains. South Africa is indeed more built up than the rest of Africa, however, you’ll be surprised by its hidden gems, which include the Winelands, the mountainous areas which include Table Mountain, Lions Head and the 12 Apostles; as well as the beaches, hiking trails and the private game reserves just outside of the city.Tanzania is one of the most beautiful African Destinations

tanzania beach

Tanzania's beaches are some of the best in AfricaThe Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the many beautiful National Parks and reserves that are scattered all over the country make Tanzania a favorite African destination due to its beauty, untouched and majestic beauty. Tanzania is a popular traveler destination in Africa due to its incredibly diverse; from the open plains of the wilderness areas to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest mountain; and the tropical islands that lay offshore, it’s a fusion of extraordinary landscapes all found in one area. Tanzania is a natural masterpiece, and that's what makes it so moving. It is one of the few places on earth that have not been altered by man but has rather been left in its raw, faultless state. There’s no wonder Tanzania came in at number 8 in Conde Nast’s list of the 40 most beautiful countries in the world.Namibia is one of the most beautiful African Destinations

sossusvlei trees

One of Africa's most photographed scenes is the dead trees in the Sossusvlei.Namibia’s vast range of red sand dunes makes this destination favorite African destination a rather magical one. Just when you thought Africa couldn’t get any more diverse, the Namib desert - with its bright colors and desert-like terrain certainly surprises us all - even Conde Nast! Namibia was a strong feature in their ‘Most Beautiful Countries in the World’, list. Although Namibia is not known for its wildlife per se, it has a high population of cheetah in certain areas - especially Etosha National Park; as well as Oryx, Gazelle and Zebra. Namibia attracts those who are moved by awe-inspiring, rare landscapes and one certainly gets more than they’ve bargained for when they visit the likes of Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and The Skeleton Coast.Kenya is one of the most beautiful African Destination

kenya dhow safari

Dhow boat safaris are a favorite activity in Kenya.Kenya is one of the ultimate jewels of the African continent. It has made a name for itself for being the place where travelers can spot the river-crossing during the Great Mammal Migration. Over and above that soul-stirring sight, Kenya is packed with other glorious sights and experiences both in the many reserves as well along the coast where places like Mombasa, and Lamu are situated. Just like many of the other African destinations, so visit Kenya whether you’re looking for a safari in the wilderness or a beach getaway. The diverse activities available, beauty, numerous landmarks are probably the reasons why Kenya made it to number 15 in Conde Nast’s list of the 40 most beautiful countries in the world!After reading the travel reviews published by Conde Nast Traveller, perhaps you are feeling inspired to experience the magic of an African safari, making it an ideal time to contact for expert travel advice and some great deals.

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