Where to go for the best Beach Destinations & Resorts in Kenya

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Where to go for the best Beach Destinations & Resorts in Kenya

About Kenya

Kenya is a country in East Africa renowned for its popular and traditional wildlife safari experiences, fringed with an exotic coastline alongside the Indian Ocean that beams with an abundance of marine wildlife. Rich in beauty and full of exciting activities for tourists from all walks of life to enjoy, Kenya offers a variety of once in a lifetime experiences that genuinely have a huge impact on your life. Kenya’s coastlines are speckled with some of the world’s most dazzling tropical beaches, famous for their pristine white sand and crystal blue seas - each with a unique character of their own. The awe-inspiring combination of fascinating marine life and breathtaking natural beauty secures Kenya's best beach destinations as some fo the top in the world. Renowned for its vast savannahs, snow-capped equatorial mountains and cultural traditions, Kenya is a colorful and soulful continent in the world which often gets overlooked. With unparalleled coastlines which seem to stretch for eternity, Kenya has all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a beach destination.

About Kenya’s Best Beach Destinations

Travelers taking a dip in warm turquoise waters after relaxing on sun loungers, making Watuma Beach one of Kenya' s best beach destinations.Kenya’s beach areas consist of more than just powdery white sand but are also home to rich cultural traditions, historic buildings, sacred forests and a UNESCO heritage site. Kenya’s coast feels like a completely different world to that of the savannahs encountered on safari. The landscape is sandy, indented by mangrove-lined creeks and shaded by coconut palm trees. Combined with the warm turquoise waters, travelers from all corners of the world stay and return home happier than ever.The perfect Kenyan vacation, however, would be to pair one of Kenya’s best beach destinations with a safari experience in one of many pristine game reserves; the most popular being the Masai Mara.Accentuating all that Kenya has to offer, adding depth and resonance to Kenya’s age-old story and filling the country’s landscape with soul and color are some of Africa’s best known indigenous people; The Maasai, the Samburu, the Turkana, the Swahili, and the Kikuyu. Interacting with Kenyans could well be the highlight of your visit as you learn about their way of life and how they overcome their daily struggle to maintain traditions in a modern world.No matter what your draw is to visiting beautiful Kenya; whether it be safari, cultural enrichment, breathtaking scenery, or the tropical beaches - Kenya is a must-see destination and should be on every traveler's bucket list. The struggle is most often than not, picking the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation.Read below to discover our best Beach Resorts and Destinations in Kenya.

Kenya’s Best Beach Destinations & Resorts

Malindi is one of Kenya’s best beach destinations

View from Malindi Beach - one of Kenya's best beach destinationsThe ever-popular Malindi is a town in Malindi Bay, in south-eastern Kenya, located 25 km to the south it sits amid a string of tropical crystal blue beaches, dotted with quaint local hotels and resorts. Malindi is one of the most picturesque and best beach destinations in Kenya, with its very own Marine National Park which inhabits an array of turtles and colorful fish. Malindi is a hot melting pot of culture, traditions, historical remanence and immense natural beauty making it the perfect place to unwind and relax.Its idyllic setting and old world charm impart a lasting impression on all who visit it - welcoming strangers from near and far to share in the magic of Malindi. This “one of a kind” coastal destination has an intriguing blend of high energy aquatic activities, modern day amenities and a charming old world atmosphere.

Lamu is one of Kenya’s best beach destinations

The old town waterfront and popular UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Lamu - one of Kenya's best beach destinationsLamu is situated to the north of Kenya and is a proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lamu is best described as a small town of century-old Swahili settlements and exotic beaches that exude warm hospitality. Lamu is lined with shop fronts and mosques that creep out from behind a forest of dhow masts. The illusion is shattered when you stroll through the fragrant labyrinth of tiny streets, speckled with carved Omani and Swahili doorways that escort you to the endless sandy shores of one of Africa’s most famous beaches. Lamu beach provides an opportunity to lose yourself in a world fused with art, culture, history and unparalleled natural beauty. Spend your day soaking up African rays or have a peaceful beachfront stay complete with yoga and meditation. Whatever your heart desires, Lamu can provide.

Tiwi is one of Kenya’s best beach destinations

Tiwi - Kenya's best beach destinations

The exotic, private haven known as Tiwi Beach - one of Kenya's best beach destinationsLooking for an intimate and local beach? Well, look no further than Tiwi - a small settlement and beach resort in Kenya lying south of Mombasa which is reminiscent of Kenya’s coast 40 years ago. Popular for those looking to escape the overly energetic, commercial beach vacations; Tiwi is a genuine tropical paradise that is an attractable option for many budget travelers. Tourists, as well as Kenyan residents from Nairobi, come from far and wide looking for the perfect place to unwind. Tiwi is remote, almost secluded from the usual hustle and bustle of Kenya. With Tiwi still being a cottage territory, there is a lack of the usual tourist amenities - restaurants and bars. It is, however, the perfect location to connect with the ones you love, so worth considering as a romantic getaway, honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Diani is one of Kenya’s best beach destinations

Family riding camels on the tropical white sands of one of Kenya's best beach destinations - Diani BeachPerhaps the most renowned beach in Kenya, Diani, is a wide, silvery reef-fringed tropical beach resort town, with endless beaches and an abundance of things to do. The Diani beach destination is renowned for its diverse cultures and traditions, lush forest, killer surf and a wide range of water sports activities. Voted twice as the best beach in Africa, Diani Beach is Kenya’s most popular and most sophisticated beach south of Mombasa. The beach town has a pulsating energy that's infectiously hard to ignore. Diani is the perfect place to unwind and experience all that Kenya’s beautiful coastline has to offer. Diani is ideal for family getaways, a group of friends and couples looking to spend some quality time together.

Shanzuis one of Kenya’s best beach destinations & resorts

Masaai Warrior strolling on Shanzu Beach - one of Kenya's best beach destinationsShanzu is a beach located just 30 km from Mombasa, a picturesque setting of coconut palm groves, pristine white sands and turquoise waters. It's the perfect tropical beach destination for an adventure or some relaxation. Contrast too many of Kenya’s other beaches, Shanzu Beach is relatively short, enclosed by rocks on either side, which provides privacy to the beach like no other. With the change of tides, Shanzu transforms itself into different spaces - at low tide, the beach is ideal for long walks and swimming in the shallows of the crystal blue sea; ideal for small children and families. Whereas at high tide, the area is almost completely flooded creating a large tidal pool - ideal for those adventure seekers. Shanzu Beach is a truly unique and special destination.

Choose Kenya's best beach destinations for your safari and beach vacation

kenya's best beach destinations

Maasai admiring the view from one of Kenya's best beach destinationsIt is most certainly worth considering Kenya for your next vacation as the possibilities are endless. You may only know Kenya as a place that offers uninterrupted views across the savannah plains, or a place where you can witness the greatest mammal migration in the world and the skillful hunting tactics of the world’s largest game. But now you can also consider strolling through white sandy beaches, sipping on tropical cocktails or cooling off in the crystal blue ocean. It is without a doubt that Kenya is one of the world’s most undiscovered coastal destinations – an intimate setting that radiates energy like nowhere else in the world. With a variety of idyllic beaches that offer solitude, adventure and relaxation, or all of the above - the choice is yours as to which of Kenya's best beach destinations will be part of your incredible journey through Africa.

Beautiful view of a sailboat on one of Kenya's best beach destinations - Diani BeachDon't miss out and book your Kenyan Beach holiday destination today with one of our Safari Experts.

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