The Evolution of Treehouses in Africa

Venturing on a safari in Africa is exhilarating but not quite as unforgettable in one of the top 5 treehouses in Africa sleeping under the stars. Treehouses in Africa are no longer mere forts erected in trees for children, but are now popular choices for accommodation. The ultimate bush bedroom is perfect for a couple, family or wildlife enthusiast wanting to connect with nature.There is always the concern of one’s safety but rest assured that treehouses are securely constructed and comfortable and although you are isolated, you are most certainly not alone. The idea of being surrounded by dangerous animals can be scary and thrilling at the same time, as the bush truly comes to life at night. You may hear the distinct ‘soundtrack’ of the bushveld when the crickets start to chirp or the shivering roar of lions that can be heard from an astounding eight kilometres away. My personal favourites are the whooping and chatter sounds of hyena which sounds like a human laughing hysterically and the fascinating Cicada Beetles who produce the loudest insect sound in the world, comparable to that of a power saw.This magical experience starts as you arrive at your treehouse just in time to witness a majestic sunset. There is nothing more spectacular than the sun setting in the vast African bush. The colours are radiant and as the sun sets in the African plains, you begin to recognise the beauty of your surroundings.The Field Guide provides you with a full orientation, leaves a radio behind and remains on call until the next morning when you depart back to the lodge. Should you need anything or if you would prefer to return to the lodge, the staff will be there to assist. Your room at the lodge is kept secure in the event you wish to return or should weather conditions change. As most treehouses are open to the elements, it is important to highlight that this experience would be subject to favourable weather conditions.Dinner is served ‘picnic style’ and the platform is lit up beautifully with lanterns.All that is left to do is to sit back and admire the illuminated night sky. Stargazing in the African bush is truly spectacular, each stars shining brightly in the clearest of skies. If you're lucky one may even witness a shooting star!The next morning you will either be woken up by the distinct call of a Hadeda Ibis, a bird recognised by all those living in Africa, or by your Field Guide with a good cup of coffee in hand. You head back to the lodge in time to go on yet another extraordinary game drive.A night under the stars in one of the treehouses in Africa is a must do on anyone’s list when travelling to Africa. There are so many lodges across Africa that offer this experience, generally at an additional cost, but I have listed five of my favourites below.

1. Lion Sands Game Reserve Sleep-out Platforms

chalkley treehouse sabi sands

Lion Sands boasts three beautifully constructed and decorated treehouses. Chalkley Treehouse and Kingston Treehouse are located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and the Tinyeleti Treehouse is located in the Kruger National Park. These are booked in conjunction with your chosen accommodation and offer an outdoor living space that is luxurious and comfortable with a king size four poster bed.

2. The Tswalu Malori Sleep-out Deck, Kalahari

Tswalu Malori sleep-out deck kalahari

Tswalu Game Reserve. Southern Kalahari. Northern Cape. South Africa.‘Malori’ means ‘Dreamer’ in Tswana and that is exactly what this treehouse sleep-out experience offers. The sleep-out blends in with the open savannahs. The views are panoramic with the sun setting before you and the moon rising behind you. The Kalahari sky is lit up with bright stars that appear so much closer than any other sky you have seen before. This is the biggest attraction to the Kalahari. The deck is open with simplistic furnishings and the sleeping quarters is protected with weather-proof blinds and overhanging thatch.

3. Rhino Post Sleep-out Platform, Kruger National Park

rhino post treehouse Sleepouts

Rhino Post is most likely an ideal sleep-out option for families or nervous guests as you are not isolated but surrounded by other sleep-out platforms. The sleep-out is more rustic but overlooks a waterhole where animals are drawn to drink so one can expect a lot of animal activity and some great photographic opportunities. There is no additional charge for the sleep-out if you are four guests or more so a perfect option for a family or group of friends.

4. Abu Camp treehouse star bed, Okavango Delta, Botswana

abu camp treehouse star bed

When it comes to treehouses in Africa Abu Camp is a unique sleep-out experience because it's constructed high off the ground and overlooks an elephant enclosure where the resident elephant herd are kept. There is no other sleep-out that will offer such a unique experience. The setting immerses you in a world of African Elephants so expect to hear the intriguing rumbling and low snores of these beautiful creatures. The treehouse is located very close to the main camp giving guests a sense of security.

5. Ruckomechi Camp Sleep-out, Mana Pools National Park

Ruckomechi Camp sleep out

The Ruckomechi Camp sleep-out is not for the faint-hearted. The treehouse overlooks a waterhole that is active with animals coming down to drink and is surrounded by Albida trees which are a firm favourite for elephants, so one could expect to hear a lot of branch breaking and chewing around the platform. Game viewing is at its prime at Ruckomechi Camp with a variety of wildlife including predators drawn to the large natural pan. This sleep-out is sure to exhilarate you and frighten you all at once. Rest assured however that a highly qualified guide is in a tent nearby.

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