Visit The Bush From Home

Any bush or wildlife lover that hasn't been quarantining on their favorite game reserve will tell you that the lack of ability to travel into the bush has been one of the many adjustments of our temporary new world. It may not be the most serious consequence of limited travel but for those that feel most at home in the bush, it definitely is one of the most emotional.The bush is our escape from the chaos. It is our opportunity to get away from it all. To reconnect with the wild, reconnect with nature, reconnect with ourselves and reconnect with our loved ones. For children, the bush is a new world of wonder away from technology and homework. It is a natural experience of emotion, excitement and joy. For adults, the bush is a chance to feel like a child again. To feel at peace and of course, to let the office know that you'll have "limited connectivity".Whether it's a book, documentary or a sighting clip shared by a family member, remembering our love and passion for Africa allows us to escape for a while. It reminds us that the bush remains in our hearts throughout this pandemic.Whilst we can't set out on safari just yet, the time at home does provide us with the opportunity to reconnect with our love for Africa.

Visit the bush by book

Countless books have been written through the centuries on the adventure, emotion, spirit and history of the African wild. Perhaps one of your big questions at the moment is where in Africa will you go to first once you can travel again. Nothing inspires like a well told story, these books may give you some travel ideas to bookmark while you wait:

memories of a game ranger cover harry wolhuter

Related destination: Kruger National Park

goodreads elephant whisperer

Related destination: Kwa-Zulu Natal

leaving time cover jodi picoult

Related destination: Kenya&Pilanesberg

whatever you do don't run cover

Related destination: Okavango Delta | Closer to home: Northern Kruger National Park

born free

Related destination: Kenya | Closer to home: Southern Kruger National Park

Visit the bush by TV

Learning about the hidden details of the wild world is an inspiring force. Understanding South African and African wildlife better creates a serious craving to get out into the wild and see them with your own two eyes. Until then, take advantage of what has been a surge in incredible quality documentaries about the African wild.

night on earth netflix
our planet netflix
Extreme africa dstv
great parks of Africa

Visit the bush by Livestream

One of the quick thinking developments of the travel lockdown has been livestreams. Many people have told us that although they never watched livestreams prior to the pandemic, they will in fact now make a habit of watching livestreams even when they can travel again. This speaks to the impact it can have to enjoy a game drive from the comfort of your couch with a coffee in your hand, before you start your day's work.

&beyond live stream

Watch live stream

WildEarth livestream

Watch live stream

malamala live

Watch live stream

Singita livestream

Watch live stream

Visit the bush by Podcast

If you're struggling to find the time between working from home, looking after kids, keeping the garden in order and everything else demanding your attention, a good wildlife podcast is tailor made for you. One of the great advantages of podcasts is that you can pop in your headphones and be transported into another world while performing otherwise mundane tasks like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes. podcast

Favorite episode: Everything you need to know about visiting the Kruger National Park

bits and bites from the bush podcast
safari stories

Feature photo by Avel Chuklanov

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