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As a discerning traveller, we understand that you’re looking for an African Safari Tour with all the frills and no fuss. Africa is full of options and our travel consultants are full of ideas. Whether it’s Kalahari or the Kruger, the Big Five with a small group or a 20-day itinerary, Masai Mara for Gorillas or a honeymoon in Chobe, we take pride in bringing Africa to you. Could we call you to discuss your ideas on catching the migration? Would you like to live-chat online about where to take your family to see the Big Five in four days? No time to talk? Drop us a line with your enquiry into our luxury African safari packages and we’ll get right back to you. Our packages are tailor-made to suit your interests and your budget, and our travel consultants want to book you the best trip of your life.

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