Trump brothers hunt in Africa

Trump brothers hunt in Africa

Photographs from the hunting trip that Donald Trump’s two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., took to Africa last year have emerged and made big news online yesterday. The photographs were posted on the website of their tour company and drew outrage from conservationists and wildlife lovers around the world.

Among the trophies hunted by the Trump brothers, an elephant, buffalo, crocodile and large leopard. In one of the photographs, Donald Jr. displays a smug grin while holding the sawed-off tail of the dead elephant, knife in hand. The brothers have made a statement defending themselves against the public’s backlash, describing themselves as “avid outdoorsmen”:

“[We] were brought up hunting and fishing with our Grandfather who taught us that nothing should ever be taken for granted or wasted. We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local laws and regulations … We love travelling and being in the woods — at the end of the day, we are outdoorsmen at heart.”

In addition, the pair have defended their actions by reasoning that all meat was donated to local villagers who the brothers describe as being “incredibly grateful”.

The argument has been made that people hunt all the time and the public outcry in this case is simply a reaction to the fame of these particular hunters. However, if anything, the fame and notable wealth of the Trump brothers draws attention to the ethical questions surrounding hunting as a conservation practice. The hunting company who hosted the Trumps insists that they feed and “create jobs for local hungry people”. They also offer, by way of assuaging public concern, the explanation that guests “hunt our old & mature male animals, which are beyond their prime productive time” – although, you’d think if you were aiming to prove your prowess as a hunter, you’d have the courage to face a wild animal that had not passed its prime. Nevertheless, people pay around $750 a day to hunt the animals and when you’ve made your kill, a leopard, for instance, will set you back around $7000.

Let’s be honest: if the Trumps were really that invested in making a difference in the lives of starving, jobless people, their money could have been far better spent than on one really expensive meal. Or could it? The question is not just limited to is there such a thing as “sustainable hunting”? Considering that, by 2050, Africa’s population will have doubled, we must also ask: will hunting be a sustainable way to meet increased demands? Do the possible benefits of conservation outweigh the ethics of hunting? In the case of the hunting tourism industry, is it common (or possible) for natural resources to be managed in a way that promotes social development while still upholding conservation values?

What’s your opinion on “sustainable hunting”?

According to The Times “Zimbabwean conservationists say they are investigating the legality of a hunting spree in the country by the heirs to US magnate Donald Trump’s fortune after photos showed up online of the brothers posing with dead game animals.” (24 March, 2012)

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  2. Umm, that male leopard does not look like he is past his prime, and while these disgusting people say the villagers were grateful for the meat is just wrong on so many levels. If they were concerned about the villagers then their money would of been better spent in providing things that the villagers need in the long run like how about clean water that would be available to all of them. People like this use their money and the word outdoorsman/hunter as a way to murder animals. in the end they will have to answer for their actions!

  3. This is so barbaric and unacceptable. They say the meat was donated to locals, which local eats leopard, elephant or even crocodile and buffalo. I would like to know where this so called outdoor adventure took place. Why don’t they hunt in their own homeland, surely there are enough bears, bison etc to hunt or have these kind of mindless souless people completely desimated their own wildlife. It seems that money is more important to the people who get paid for this activity than the preservation of Africa’s wildlife. What will be left for our Grandchildren in years to come.

  4. That male in the pic seem not a large and mature male leopard, if it’s in kruger.
    That male is young under 5 years old, so not yet in his peak productive time.

  5. I wonder what they would feel like to be hunted down and killed.
    They are a disgrace!! and cowards!!! Let’s see them go head to head with no weapon and fight off each animal. This photograph makes me feel absolutely sick, and to think they kill for pleasure!! What twisted and demented minds they must have.

  6. Yes, they could have invested their money directly with the people in Africa. I know an awful lot who would be happy to get money to build wells, re-build their houses or safeguard their lifes against malaria mosqitos. These brothers simply justify themselves as being outdoor guys. They should the fuch stay outdoors all the time, in the poor African villages where people have to live all year long.

  7. Common people. If all they did was hunt, responsibly and legally – then they are ultimately helping to protect the survival of the animals on our continent. While farmers can legally make a profit from an animal it will NOT go extinct. The important thing is that they (the animals not Trumps) are not exploited.

    I’f I’d been on the website having shot a Leapard/Cheetah/Lion then nobody would have cared. for the record I’d not personally shoot any of the above for normal hunting, but have hunted Kudu, and will again. My personal preference doesn’t mean it’s wrong!!!

  8. I despise hunting and to use this excuse of feeding hungry people old and mature animals just to get your jollies of shooting and killing something – well the whole business makes me sick!!!

  9. “Sustainable hunting” my eye! Have you in your experience ever came across a trophy hunter saying, please lead me to a lame, old, broken horned, sick and under sized example of the species, so that I can help with “Sustainable hunting”. The only sustainable hunting that can ever be condoned is when the balance in the animal kingdom is maintained by animals.

  10. I’ve nothing against hunting…but please do not allow our endangered and rare species to be shot. Nothing can be done with the carcass, it is such a waste. And it is such a beautiful animal, seemingly in the prime of its life. Feeding the hungry????… it doesn’t mean because we are from Africa that we are stupid and believe this nonsense. Go shoot a buck that can feed the hungry!

  11. im really not a fan of this i think its cruel, and to shoot a leopard and lion is just wrong, if it keeps going like this we will soon have to protect leopards and lions if we let people just kill our wildlife!!!!

  12. Wish the leopard had made a meal of them- then they would be trumped!? Have they no shame- I suppose the leopard skin will go into their crass gold embellished towers. If they are so interested in ‘conversation’ make a donation.Rich and Infamous. Ja well Jacqui

  13. as far as i know they invented many other ways to “feed and “create jobs for local hungry people””, poaching is als”feed and “create jobs for local hungry people””
    the disgusting part is that they are glamorizing it. attaching a famous brand to it so a hundred other morons will want to monkey them ( apologize to the monkey)

  14. Hoe kan die Krugerpark dit toelaat? Hierdie luidperd het niemand skade aangedoen nie en daar staan die twee “brats” asof hulle iets goeds gedoen het. Dit maak my siek dat sulke mense oorgenooi word om ons eie trots te kom vernietig…Dit was ‘n lewende wese. Ek was baie min gelukkig om een van die katte in die wildtuin te sien as ons dit besoek maar so wil ek dit nie sien nie….

  15. It’s disgusting. Hunting like the Boesman with a bow and arrow might still be ok, because then the odds are even, but killing endangered animals with rivals is absolutely disgusting. Those animals have no chance.

  16. You people crack me up, it is common place for hunters to donate their meat to villagers as you cannot import it back to the USA, Hunters give more back to the environment than any anti-hunters ever will not to mention the BILLIONS of dollars in revenue EVERY year, you people make ME sick.

  17. Mike you must be really stupid to believe that our locals eat leopard, we are civilised in this country. You and people like you make me sick thinking that Africa is your playground, play in your own backyard, when a bear is hunted do you eat the meat !!!!!

  18. That piece of rump steak, medium done used to be a cow on someones farm, not hunted but led to the slaughter house and shot dead, not by a hunter but by someone that kills hundreds of cows,sheep,pork,chicken,fish, crayfish,prawn every day and not by the Trump’s. How come there is no outcry over these poor animals? Unfortunately farmlands and game parks are big enough to handle only a limited amount of animals and they have to be culled, unless you are prepared to host an Elephant, Lion or whatever in your backyard, feed it, cleanup after it and see to its well being at your own expense that is if it does not kill and eat you. Game parks are managed in the same way a farm is managed to produce fresh milk and eggs to you.Someone has to do it and it has to be done, why not make good money out of the process.

  19. Why is everyone surprised? From all the television and publicity, it is obvious that the Trumps are selfish, self-opinionated idiots with the class of trailer park trash. People have empowered them with this life style and attitude. They don’t take what they want, they are given what they want. I think the company responsible for the hunting trip should be held accountable and responsible too…

  20. What is wrong in hunting? Much better than factory farming. The animals get to live wild and free and instead of being mauled by other leopards, hyenas, lions or die from injuries/starvation, they are quickly dispatched.

    Sheesh , you alla ct like vegans and evn if you are, plants are living things too. Time to go get me a bear!

  21. What a shame. Such a beautiful animal, and what they don’t realize is that they are upsetting the whole eco-system with their hunting. This leopard male / female have their place in the wild to produce more leopards, by killing them you upset everything and has a far better impact than just one leopard dying.