Kruger Park - Mid Southern Section |

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The central section of the Kruger Park is most popular with tourists as it is densely populated by lions and hyenas. Other predators found here, because of the abundance of grazing animals found feeding on the sweet grasses of the plains, are cheetahs and leopards. Use our map, which indicates the main roads as well as the smaller, secondary roads that surround Skukuza, Satara and Orpen, to plan your drives for the day.

Kruger Park - Mid Southern Section |

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Recommended Game Drive Routes - Mid Southern Section of the Kruger National Park

Drive 1
From Orpen Gate to Satara, travel along the H7, turning right onto the S106 and then right again on the S140, which leads past Talamati Bushveld Camp (becoming the S145). A right turn at the T-junction, into the S36 will take you past a picnic spot and back to the Orpen-Satara Road (H7), onto which you can turn right to get to Satara, or left to get back to Orpen.

Drive 2
Travelling on the H1-2 from Skukuza towards Satara, drive until you reach the H10 turnoff (to the right) and take the S32 to the left. The road goes along the Nwaswitsontso River, passing the Eileen orpen Picnic spot and the Orpen Dam. Return to the H1-2 by continuing on the S32 and taking the S35 exit to the left.

Drive 3
Driving south from Satara on the H1-3, continue past the S126 and pass the Nyika Pan to the right. Take the next right turn onto the S125, which passes a baobab and continues along the N’waswitsontso River, before reaching a loop around the dam, close to the S36. You can take the S36 right to return to the H7.

Drive 4
Driving south along the H1-3 from Satara, turn right onto the S126 (Sweni Road) which passes several waterholes and pans, leading to the Muzandenzi Picnic and get-out point. From here, you can take a right onto the S36, which leads back to the H7 between Orpen and Satara.