Kruger Park - Far North Section |

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One of the best regions for spotting rare birds, Kruger’s north region is an unusual ecological mix of sandy flood plains and riverine forests. Removed from the more popular and bustling areas of the Park, this is a haven for the rarer animals, seldom spotted in other areas, such as wild dog and Natal red hare. This map covers the routes and sights that range from Shingwedzi up to Punda Maria and then into the northernmost reaches, where the Parfuri Lodge is bordered by the Limpopo River.

Kruger Park - Far North Section |

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Recommended Game Drive Routes - Far North Section of the Kruger National Park

Drive 1
For a short drive, exit Punda Maria on the H13-2 and take the first left onto the S60 and the next left onto the S61 (Klopperfontein Loop) for a view of the Klopperfontein Dam. Exit the S61 right, onto the H1-8 and take the next right onto the H13-1, which takes you back to Punda Maria.

Drive 2
Follow the the H13-2, which becomes the H13-1, out of Punda Maria. This takes you to the H1-7 to Shingwedzi. From this road, you can also reach the H1-7 via the small S58 (Dzundzwini) Loop to the right. Exiting the loop right onto the H1-7, follow the main road south until you reach the right-hand turn for the S56, which runs alongside the Mpholongo river, back to the H1-7, at the Gorra waterhole.

Drive 3
Take the H1-9 from the Parfuri Gate, passing the road to Wilderness Parfuri Lodge (restricted entrance) on your left. The next left turn, onto the S63, will take you past the Parfuri picnic spot to Crook’s Corner. From there, a right turn connects the sand road to the main road (also marked S63) which loops back toward the H1-8/H1-9.

Drive 4
From Parfuri Gate, take the H1-9 past Wilderness Parfuri Lodge. Take the next right onto the S64, which passes the Bobomeni Drift and leads to the Thulamela Ruins. You can return to the H1-9 on the same route, and follow that road (which becomes the H1-8) south, until you reach Baobab Hill. The H1-8 continues, past several waterholes, to the Babalala picnic area.