Kruger Park - Far South Section |

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The southern region of the Kruger is defined by the shapes of smooth granite koppies, rare trees like the Cape chestnut, coral and fever-berry, and the prevalence of White Rhino. This map covers the southern area of Kruger, detailing the main roads and secondary routes around Skukuza, Lower Sabie, Crocodile Bridge, Malelane, Berg-en-Dal and Pretoriuskop.

Kruger Park - Far South Section |

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Recommended Game Drive Routes - Far South Section of the Kruger National Park

Drive 1
The H3 runs 63 kilometres south, all the way to Malelane Gate. Exit the H3 left onto the S114, which crosses the Biyamiti River. You can continue on the S114 all the way to Malelane gate, or turn right onto the H2-2, S118, or S121 to get back to the main road.

Drive 2
On the H3 from Skukuza, take the H1-1 right towards Pretoriuskop. The S66 dirt road leads to the Vervoeram, or take the S11 further on past the Napi Rocks. At Pretoriuskop, exit the H1 on the S14 and keep left, joining the H2-2 (Voortrekker Road), which leads past Jock’s Birthplace back to the H3. At the H3 junction, you can either turn left, back towards Skukuza, or turn right, and continue to Malelane Gate.

Drive 3
Travelling north on the H4-1, from Lower Sabie to Skukuza, take the S79 loop for a view of the Nwatimhiri Causeway. Continue on the H4-1 taking the H12 (right) over the Sabie River. Turn left onto the H1-2 at the T-junction and follow the road up to the right-hand exit for the S83 (Marula Loop). Back on the H1-2, the road leads past Tinga Legends Lodge and into Skukuza.

Drive 4
From Crocodile Bridge on the H4-2 take the S25 (Crocodile River Road) left, which passes a turn off to the Hippo Pools view point and Bushman Paintings (S27). Turn right on the S108 and right again on the H5 where you will find waterholes on either side. On reaching the H4-2, turn right again and the take the first left onto the S130 (Gomondwane Loop), which you can follow up till the right turn onto the S137 and left onto the S28 that takes you to the Nthandanyathi Hide (to the right). From the hide, you can either take the S28 south, back to Crocodile Bridge, or north to the H4-2, which connects to Lower Sabie.