Kruger Park - Mid Northern Section |

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The more arid northern region of the Park is covered by the mopane shrub and is traversed by the Letaba and Olifants rivers, in which over half the Park’s hippo population reside. The map for this area extends from the Phalaborwa gate up to Bateleur and Shingwedzi and encompasses the Mopani and Letaba restcamps, where elephants can be spotted on the banks of the Great Letaba River. Worthwhile excursions include the Nyawutsi and Kanniedood Bird Hides, and the Masorini Archaeological Site.

Kruger Park - Mid Northern Section |

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Recommended Game Drive Routes - Mid North Section of the Kruger National Park

Drive 1
Exiting Shingwedzi, take the S50 south, passing the Kanniedood Dam and Bird Hide, Dipeni Outpost and Grootvlei Dam until you reach the S143 turnoff to the right. The next right turn, on the S143, will take you to the S144, which loops back and connects with the H1-6, returning to Shingwedzi.

Drive 2
Take the H1-6 from Shingwedzi, turning right onto the S52, which loops over the Nkayini River and passes pans, the Red rocks, waterholes and two lookout points near Bataleur Bushveld Camp, before returning to the H1-6.

Drive 3
The S142 exits the H1-6 just to the south of Mopani Restcamp. Travelling south from Mopani on the H1-6, take the first right turn onto the S142 and pass the Pioneer Dam and Overnight Hide. There are several waterholes along the road, the last of which is the Notomeni Pan, just before the road turns right into the S142, which will return you to the H1-6.

Drive 4
Leaving from Mopani Restcamp, the H1-6 takes you north where the first right turn, onto the S144 and next right onto the S143 will take you along the Tropic of Capricorn Loop, down to the Nshawu Marsh. Turning left at the T-junction here, onto the S50, drive north and turn right at exit 1.6, which takes you up to the Shibavantsengele Lookout, at the foot of the Lebombo Mountains.